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Four beautifully conceived art and design:

1,The acme of three-dimensional art – ivory set ball

Ancient Chinese artisans have always had excellent imagination in the design of vessel shapes. The ivory ball is one of them.

It is carved from a whole piece of ivory, the whole body is a round ball, from the outside to the inside, all by large and small hollow ball connected with each other, all can rotate freely, and have the same center;Each layer of the sphere has a different carving pattern, layer upon layer, extremely delicate, so it is also named “ghost work ball”.


2,The “wonderful work” in the history of Chinese ceramic art — revolving vase

The revolving vase was created during the reign of emperor qianlong.Its shape is quite new, in a carving bottle, set of a rotating bottle, painted on a variety of patterns.

The inner bottle is shaped like a tube with painted patterns on its surface, including scenery of four seasons, landscape figures, flowers, birds, insects and fish.Different pictures can be seen by turning the inner bottle through the opening of the outer bottle.

In the “qing dynasty gaozongxing circle map” turning heart bottle, the inner bottle even installed 12 can “kowtow”, “bow” the tooth carving small man, lifelike.

▲ “qing gaozong line wai figure” blue glaze to turn the heart bottle

3,Mysterious metal “ball” – censer

The whole body of the censer is hollow pattern, composed of two hemispheres, mostly of silver or copper.It is used to be placed in quilt in winter for heating and incense.

The mystery of this incense burner lies in the ingenious use of the principle of gyroscope. No matter how the outer sphere is rotated, the inner incense burner can always be kept horizontal without scattering the coals or incense ashes, which shows the craftsmanship.

4,Travel stationery box with red sandalwood

As a king of a country, what should I do when I have to deal with government affairs and write poems and poems?The craftsmen of qianlong period designed such an “artifact” for the emperor — red sandalwood travelling stationery box.

It is a table when folded and expanded, and a box when closed.Inside the box, there are 64 cases with compact structure and various forms of multi-treasure cases, in order to place a set of 64 pieces of small and delicate four treasures of the study and miscellaneous utensils, such as white jade washing, songhua river stone stone, jade arm shelf, etc.

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