HqxsCraft originated in 1961. For many years, it has actively promoted and popularized the core business philosophy of “Huaxia Cultural Life Fashion, Honesty, Care, Quality Assurance and Service Innovation”. It has a long history of managing high-quality natural jadeite, precious jade, craft gifts and other commodities. It promotes the essence of Chinese traditional culture and art, with outstanding achievements and outstanding goodwill.

HqxsCraft regards “the inheritance of virtue and honor to perfection” as brand promise, and continues to serve every respected employee, distinguished customer and shareholder with the spirit of massiness, compliance, integrity and ability. In order to inherit the rich connotation and essence of Chinese traditional culture for 5,000 years; Exquisite goods and marked services satisfy customers, and are committed to becoming a well-known brand with the integration of traditional culture and fashion technology, leading quality assurance and service innovation, as well as appeal and influence.