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Identification of fine ceramic

1, ceramic fetal quality:

fetal quality must be loose, beating, the sound must be clear.When buying antique ceramic, we must judge the thickness of the body by age.For example, ding kiln is divided into south ding and north ding. The embryo body of north ding must be thick, while that of south ding is thin.

It is best to carry a torch when buying products.When identifying, do not shoot from the inside out (as general merchants do), but from the outside in. Then observe the projection inside the products, touch the products with your hands. If you see the shadow moving with your hands, you will prove that the products is thin.

Mr. Ma also introduced how to distinguish the simple method of manual and mechanical manufacturing: hand-made products, the wall is not uniform, touch will have an edge feeling;Machine-made products, the surface is very uniform, the thickness of the same degree.Moreover, the mechanical manufacture of products was very low;The artificial products foot is relatively high, and along the inside bottom can feel a full slurry groove.

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2, glaze color:

glaze color must be accurate and uniform.The so-called glaze color is accurate refers to, after the republic of China ceramic glaze color for white, qing dynasty  glaze color for bean green, this point should be paid attention to when buying antique products.

3. Painting style:

the painting style is good.Especially when buying large ceramic pieces, pay attention to the distinction between hand-painted and applique.Decal pattern is inflexible, line is more dead.Blue and white products in the shape of small vessels, with edges and corners that can be felt by hand, is caused by the use of glue in decals.The edge pattern of ceramic often USES decal, in the joint of decal sometimes appear seam, or the left and right parts of the pattern is not even phenomenon.

4. Shape: unique is good.

Identification of low-grade large display ceramic

1. Ceramic body:

the body should be uniform and not collapse.

2, glaze color, painting style:

as long as master the above identification decals and hand-painted skills can be.

Even when buying decal ceramic, pay attention to carefully identify the quality of decal, do not buy some too shoddy decal products.

3. Shape:

the mouth is flat and the bottom is flat.

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