diy projects or crafts,the process flow

The following introduction will give you an insight into how stone and earth are turned into exquisite ceramics,preparing for diy projects:

1, tao of mud

Kaolin is the best raw material for ceramic. For thousands of years, many fine ceramics have evolved from these humble clay.

2, the pile of mud

The ceramic clay is not ready for use. It is divided and stacked into columns for easy storage and casting.

3, throwing

Put the pile of ceramic clay into the big rotary table, and pull the clay into a ceramic blank by hand and with a throwing tool by rotating the rotary table.

Before throwing, need to take out the stale mud material in the mud house step, step on mud, commonly known;Step on the lotus mound.Then knead the mud by hand, jingdezhen called “move mud”.


4, billet

The drawn ceramic blank is just a prototype, and different impression is needed to be selected according to the shape of the blank to be printed into various shapes.

5, the billet

Just printed blank thickness is not uniform, need to be through the process of repairing the blank will be printed clean and even, the blank is divided into wet repair and dry repair.

6, hot water

Blanching water is an essential process, that is, clean water to remove the dust on the blank, prepare for the following process such as painting blank, glazing.

7, billet

Painting on the blank is a big characteristic of ceramic art, there are many kinds of blank painting, there are freehand brushwork, there are good paper to draw the outline of, no matter how to draw the blank is the finishing touch of ceramic process.

8, glaze

Painted ceramic billet, rough and dull, after a good glaze is completely different, smooth and bright: different glazing techniques, and completely different effects, common glazing methods include dip glaze, glaze, glaze, spray glaze, brush glaze and so on.

9, kiln

Thousands of years of kiln fire, continuous, after dozens of processes of refined ceramic, in the kiln under a thousand degrees of high temperature burning, like an ugly duckling will reach a beautiful swan.Today’s kilns are gas kilns, electric kilns, etc.

10,become a ceramic

After a few days of firing, the ceramic bricks in the kiln have been turned into exquisite ceramic, which stands out from the open kiln door.

11,Repair of ceramic defects

A perfect piece of ceramic will sometimes burn out a little flaw, with js916-2 (jin su cheng) to repair, can make ceramic more perfect.


This is a professional jingdezhen pottery production process.By familiarizing ourselves with it, we have prepared the basics for DIY ceramics.

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