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What Is Unicorn Spit

Artistic Vivations
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What is Unicorn Spit and why do I need it for my projects? As an all-in-one Gel Stain & Glaze, Unicorn Spit is making waves in the crafting industry as the best-of-its-kind crafting color- and it's available in 14 unique color selections that will give your project that 'wow' factor it's missing. Visit Michelle Nicole's ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS for all of your colors.

If you are interested in exclusive hand embroidery, we offer contemporary handmade and children's hand embroidery, as well as - embroidered dresses and towels that will serve to decorate your home. We work so that everyone who values manual work can choose something for themselves, which will be a wardrobe decoration. You can find original embroideries of any size and shape. Welcome. Zuzu - Shop Handmade

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