Jade sapphire: 6 collect knowledge points need attention

Jade sapphire has always been a royal favorite, women’s favorite, in the middle of the century, sapphire is the British royal dress in the indispensable decoration.Collection sapphire has what attention point?

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1. Are jade sapphires all blue

Most jade sapphires are blue, but there are a few other colors. sapphire is the general designation of corundum stones in other colors except rubies.Therefore,  sapphire is not only refers to the blue corundum gem, it in addition to having a complete blue series, there are like fireworks sunset yellow, pink, orange and purple, and so on, these color series of

sapphire is collectively known as color  sapphire.

2. Where is the best jade sapphire

There are not many producing areas of sapphire in the world, mainly including myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, China, etc., but the quality of  sapphire is the best in myanmar and Sri Lanka.Depending on the geological origin, it can be divided into two categories: one is  sapphire from myanmar, Sri Lanka and Indian Kashmir.The other is jade sapphire from Australia, Thailand and China.Burma and other real estate jade sapphire, due to the titanium color, it is bright blue, containing silk rutile and fingerprint like liquid inclusions.The silk-like rutile inclusions can produce six – or twelve-shot starlight, which is a high quality gem.The  sapphire of Australia, Thailand, China produces because contain more iron among them, send color by iron, reason gem color is very dark, the reflective effect of faceted gem is not quite good also, all need to be changed through heating commonly in order to handle ability to use.

3. Is aquamarine a pale jade sapphire

Aquamarine is not a light-colored jade sapphire. In mineralogology, aquamarine is called beryl together with emerald, while jade sapphire is a corundum gem, which has completely different properties.Beryl class has a relatively brittle texture, high temperature easily burst characteristics. sapphire has high hardness, density and refractive index.Aquamarine colors range from pale blue to turquoise island blue, the best being a vivid and pure brilliant blue.Aquamarine is also known as a “luminous gem” because it can shine more brightly at night than during the day.

4. Does the clarity of jade sapphire matter

Generally, the red and jade sapphire have natural plumage and stone lines, the cleaner the higher the value, if there are cracks or visible spots on the surface of the gem is inferior.But the general red,  sapphire clarity is not as high as diamond requirements, because it is beautiful in color.The second is to see whether the texture is transparent, the more transparent can reflect the bright colors, and therefore the higher the value.

5. Does sapphire usually burn

Generally, 90% of the jade sapphire market has been through the process of “burning”, the general heard of one time burning, heating treatment, thermal diffusion, meaning that there is originally some pigment in the crystal, through heating and get diffusion, make the sapphire pigment distribution diffusion more uniform.Another method of thermal osmosis to increase the color refers to that there is no pigment in the crystal, and the foreign pigment penetrates into the surface layer under heating and pressure. Sometimes, you will hear the surface heat diffusion and second-degree burning.

6. What size  sapphire is worth collecting

What size  sapphire is valuable for collection? sapphire, like other jewelry and jade, is one of the many factors that affect its value. Of course, it is not absolute and needs comprehensive consideration from various aspects.If only from carat to measure its value, more than 3 carats of natural sapphire is very valuable collection.

Nowadays, after the  sapphire mined in the mining area is cut and polished, the carat weight is generally between 1-2 carat, reaching 3 carat, and the color is royal blue or the natural  sapphire of cornflower, it is very valuable for collection.

According to the current mineral volume and mining situation, 5 carat or more natural quality  sapphire is very rare, the price is rising year by year.

There are many factors to judge the value of sapphire, including color, transparency, clarity, miscellaneous cracks, carats and other aspects. sapphire with more than 3 carats of natural quality has a high collection value, but the premise is that it is completely natural without manual treatment.


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