A Thousand Years of Embroidery

1,Embroidery of the poem

There has been a trance fantasy

In the remote jiangnan alley

Door ring light cover, yard under the peach tree

A charming woman was embroidering

Embroidered a peach blossom and another

As if because of a peach blossom mistake

I missed the boy who borrowed water

So far one embroider 1000 years.


2,A thousand years of embroidery

1.embroidery  near  me

Chinese embroidery,

With thousands of needles and thousands of threads, he made a magnificent picture scroll.

It conveys a refined and graceful life aspiration.

The world can’t help but be moved.

The praise of “extremely skillful poor workers”,

It’s like being born specifically for this craft.

A piece of embroidery,

It is not time that is polished.

Not kung fu,

It’s the mind.

Embroidery with Heart,

One stitch at a time,

The temperature can be seen from all sources.

At this temperature,

Can melt the heart.

2.Embroidery sales


Originated from people’s need to decorate themselves.

There is a historical record of colored patterns in Huang Di’s time.

That is to say, ancient primitive human beings

I knew how to beautify myself with color.


At the beginning, apply color to your body.

It is called “akira body”; Further stab in the body, called “tattoo”;

Later it was painted on clothes.

And then developed into embroidery on clothing.

4.embroidery sheet

The Book of History says that Yu Shun’s clothes have colorful colors.

There are six patterns on the jacket.

Today, the moon, stars, mountains, dragons and Chinese insects:

The lower petticoats have six patterns.

Zong Yi, algae, fire, rice flour,

A total of 12 patterns, called ten chapters.

5.embroidery library

Embroidery, as a handicraft with a wide range of regions,


Through long-term accumulation and development,

Both have their own special features and advantages.

By region:

Apart from the “four famous embroideries” of Suzhou, Hunan, Guangdong and Shu embroidery,

There are also Beijing embroidery, Lu embroidery, bian embroidery, ou embroidery, Hangzhou embroidery, Han embroidery, Fujian embroidery and other local famous embroideries.

Ethnic minorities in our country, such as Uygur, Yi, Dai, Buyi, Kazak, Yao, Miao, Tujia, Jingpo, Dong, Bai, Zhuang, Mongolia, and Tibetan, also have their own unique ethnic embroidery.

6.Master of embroidery

Like embroidery,

After all, a heroine is the most feminine job.

(By the way, the “red” of this heroine reads “gong” here.

Xiao Bian has heard too many people read hong.

It’s embarrassing.

In Suzhou and Hangzhou, I wandered around a few embroidering workshops.

The outstanding skills of embroidered ladies,

All kinds of embroidery are dazzling.

They have lively stitches and elegant colors.


7.Embroidery to buy

Like embroidery,

After all, a heroine is the most feminine job.

(By the way, the “red” of this heroine reads “gong” here.

Xiao Bian has heard too many people read hong.

It’s embarrassing.

In Suzhou and Hangzhou, I wandered around a few embroidering workshops.

The outstanding skills of embroidered ladies,

All kinds of embroidery are dazzling.

They have lively stitches and elegant colors.


8.Embroidery maintenance

The woman in A Dream of Red Mansions,

Many people are good at embroidery.

Lin Daiyu once gave a embroidered purse to Baoyu.

Later, he mistakenly thought that Baoyu had given his wallet to others.

He cried once.

At last I learned that Baoyu was still hidden in his arms.

He was secretly pleased and moved.

A woman places her deepest love in this purse.

Every thread is a trace of affection.

Only to his most beloved man,

This kind of feeling is transmitted through embroidery.

The deepest and most subtle.

9.Put the embroidery

Women who can embroider,

Her low-brow twirling posture is like a fairy in the clouds.

Hundreds of emotions are turned into wisps of fragrance from fingertips.

Speechless is better than a thousand words.

If you understand her, you will understand her worries under the silver needle.

10.Embroidery gift

Touching the scenery in embroidery makes one feel happy.

They are a group of lonely women who do not compete with each other.

The time has been softened into embroidery and forging, and the savings are good.

I met only one person for Qingcheng.



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Embroidery said

1,Embroidery of the said


Former Chinese

The Best Imagination of Clothes

No matter how high or low you are.

No matter prosperity or hardship

Spiraea’s needlework and thread drawing

Turn this beauty into culture.

Peony riches and honour

Faithful love

Lucky Dragon and Phoenix

Kirin auspicious

Embroidery has become

The quintessence of the United States as compared with ceramics

It is also our memory of the past prosperity.

The best material evidence


2,The status of embroidery

For the Chinese, embroidery is almost on a par with firing porcelain. This kind of handicraft originated from Chinese folk tradition and has a history of at least 2,000 to 3,000 years in China.


3,The past of embroidery

As far back as the Ming and Qing dynasties, the court set up a bureau in Nanjing to weave silk fabrics needed by the court. in the Qing dynasty, the silk weaving industry in Nanjing had a long and excellent tradition.


Nanjing city alone has more than 30,000 weaving machines and about 50,000 workers, with more than 200,000 residents living on silk weaving and an annual output value of 12 million taels of silver. At that time, Jiangning silk products were only used by emperors and Wang Dachen. It can be seen from this that the weaving industry received much attention in the past year.


4,Types of embroidery

Embroidery refers to all kinds of decorative patterns embroidered on fabrics by needle and thread. Embroidery is divided into silk embroidery and feather embroidery. It is a decorative fabric in which silk threads or other fibers and yarns are punctured on embroidery materials with certain patterns and colors by needles to form patterns with embroidery marks.


It is an art of adding human design and production to any fabric that exists with needles and threads. There are four major categories of embroidery in China: Suzhou embroidery, Xiang embroidery, Shu embroidery and cantonese embroidery. Embroidery techniques include: wrong needle embroidery, disorderly needle embroidery, net embroidery, ground embroidery, lock silk, silk, brocade, Ping Jin, shadow gold, plate gold, pile laying, pile scraping, yarn poking, thread spreading, flower picking, etc …


Embroidery, this should be the best thing you felt prosperous in the past, and every stitch is the best annotation for the past.


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Embroidery: a stitch a dream, a thread a world

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1,The song of the embroidery

Spring breeze with ten fingers.

Thousands of colorful lines light shuttle,

Then embroider the unique gorgeous of China.

This is the millennium – embroidery.


It is the poetic bloom of the boudoir’s daughter,

Is the deep long time does not go out the female child’s gentle talk,

Is a flower that blooms in the depths of the soul.

A needle, a thread, sentimental.

In ancient times, embroidery was also known as needlework,

Throughout a woman’s life.

Bai juyi “red building fu jia female, golden thread thorn”,

Weizhuang “jin puchun female, embroidered golden thread”,

It’s all about the glory of needlework.

Women would embroider patterns with beautiful connotations on the cloth,

For the dowry, or dowry,

Use a needle and thread to make a wonderful mark.

The agility of a carp

Colorful flowers and birds


The beauty of the characters


The scenery was calm and pleasant

Flowers, birds, insects and fish, all nature,

It was as if everything had come alive on paper.

And the beauty of embroidery,

Not only in the delicacy and elegance,

It’s because of the emotion that seeps into the bone marrow.

Believe that every piece of embroidery has a life,

Every woman in the embroidery at that moment is extremely gentle.

They sit by the window, on the porch,

Between the needle and the thread,

Turning thoughts and love into stitches,

Sewing in time,

Then give it to your sweetheart.

The woman in a dream of red mansions is good at embroidery.Lin daiyu also gave baoyu embroidered sachet.When she misunderstands treasure jade to be her embroider sachet at will award when small servant, angry shed tears, picked up sachet to be about to cut open.A “who also can’t take”, how much love do hide in the sachet.

A woman with the deepest love,

On this embroidery.

Each line is a trace of affection, the deepest and most implicit.

2,Four famous embroidery

There are many kinds and styles of Chinese embroidery.

Most people are familiar with suzhou embroidery, shu embroidery, xiang embroidery and yue embroidery.

1.Suzhou embroidery

Su embroidery is the most beautiful complex of jiangnan women.

Every pinhole is the exquisite and beautiful scenery of the water town.

It is famous for its fine stitches, elegant colors and delicate embroidery.

Mountains and rivers can be divided into far and near,

The pavilion embodies the depth,

Characters can have a lively feeling of overlooking,

Birds and flowers can report the presence of intimacy!

2.Shu embroidery

Shu embroidery originates from sichuan, the land of abundance.

Fang spread, shu embroidery painting verve, put out the traces of needle and thread.

With its bright and clear colors,

The style of Chinese ink painting,

Formed its own unique charm,

Song dynasty, “number for the crown of the world.”

3.Xiang embroidery

Xiang embroidery originated from the folk embroidery of hunan.

It is mostly realistic, bright color, with Chinese painting as the bottom, lined with the corresponding clouds and mountains, pavilions, birds and animals, bold style, especially embroidered tiger, lion, etc., with a unique stitch embroidered animal hair silk root strong.

What is called:

Embroidery brings forth fragrance,

Embroidered birds can hear,

Embroidered tiger can run,

Embroiderers are expressive.

4.Yue embroidery

There are two major schools of yue embroidery, guangzhou embroidery and chaozhou embroidery.Gold and silver thread plate gold embroidery, embroidery lines smooth and bright.Embroider face is gorgeous, resplendent and dazzing, use at drama outfit, marriage dress to wait more.Litchi and peacock are traditional themes of yue embroidery.

Of course, in addition to the “four famous embroidery”, there are Beijing embroidery, lu embroidery, bian embroidery, ouembroidery, hangzhou embroidery, han embroidery, fujian embroidery and other local famous embroidery, as well as the rich characteristics of the ethnic minority embroidery, it can be said that the time overflow color, each has its own characteristics!

3,Embroidery USES

In addition to the variety,

There are also many USES for embroidery.

Purses, sachets, fans, garments, embroidered shoes,

They are all beautiful objects of embroidery.

1.The perfume pouch will be


3.Embroidered shoes

4,Conclusion about embroidery

These exquisite embroidery,

Sometimes give a person with reverie,

What a clever, deft woman,

To embroider so nimbly?


These wonderful embroiderers,

They use cloth as paper, thread as ink and needle as pen.

Like a butterfly,

Every stitch and thread is the story of flowing years.

“Peach blossom fan” said “yong line lazy needle, how many times for needlework?It means that the needle and thread have not been moved for a long time.

The thought of twisting thread through needle,

Perhaps only in zhuang sheng’s butterfly dream.




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