Ceramic:7 kinds of most valuable ceramic modeling

Appreciate the classic ceramic modeling daquan, feel the charm of Chinese ceramic!

1,ceramic cup article

And happy before one cup of wine, why need after thousand years

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ceramic cups, household utensils, have been used for drinking wine or tea since ancient times.The basic shape is mostly straight or open mouth, mouth diameter and cup height nearly equal.Have flat, circular or high feet.Archaeological records show that the earliest cups were from the neolithic age.

Chicken cylinder cup

Qing qianlong powder enamel bowl of chicken

A wine set.Open, shallow belly, lying feet.On the cup with the bucket color painting female, male chicken and chicks, between the rock, orchid grass, peony, hence the name chicken bowl cup.Ming chenghua bucket color chicken cup was once famous, the qing dynasty each dynasty have imitation, especially when kangxi, yongzheng imitation best, a few can be imitated.

Late qing dynasty powder enamel chicken cup

Pressure hand cup

Qing yongzheng official kiln powder blue glaze pressed hand cup

The mouth is flat outside, abdominal wall is straighter, from abdominal wall place adduction, abdominal wall gradually thick, circle sufficient.Hold in the hands of a dignified sense, secure hand, so called pressure hand cup.Ming yongle blue and white pressure hand cup is the most famous.


Qing qianlong blue and white wrapped branch flowers grain cup

Wine.Imitation bronze model, mouth along the outside skimming, round belly slightly deep, before the tip back warped, under the three high foot, mouth along both sides of the symmetrical column.Ming and qing dynasties have a fire, there are blue and white glaze, blue glaze and pastel varieties.

Best cup

Qianlong blue and white Sanskrit cup

Wine because the body of the cup has a high foot, so the name.Mouth slightly skimming, near the bottom of the full, under the meet, high enough to have a section shaped, cylindrical, square, etc.Ming, qing shang dynasty are burning, varieties of blue and white, such as bucket color.

The sowing and ploughing cup

Mid – qing dynasty bucket color three – autumn cup

Open, shallow inclined type abdominal wall, circle foot, cup body with autumn chrysanthemum, butterfly, grass composition picture, name sanqiu cup.The color is blue, grass flowers and flying butterflies outline, with light yellow, purple, purple spot dyeing flying butterflies and stamens.Cup shape xiuqiao, simple but elegant picture.

Coats cup

Golden goblet with pine grain in pastel enamel and yellow glaze

Drinking utensils.Straight edge slightly skimming, mouth gradually convergence, shallow circle full shape small plump.The so-called “kishi cup” is painted with the picture of literati’s pleasure, such as wang xizhi’s love of goose and tao yuanming’s love of chrysanthemum.

2,Wedgwood China post

ceramic bowl piece jun but pour tea bowl, just as well ride back.

ceramic bowl is the bulk product produced by the ancient ceramic industry, which was first seen in han dynasty, popular in wei and jin dynasties, and produced in large quantities after tang dynasty.Bowl modeling features open, deep belly, flat bottom or circle foot, in a variety of forms.

Footed bowl

Qing kangxi blue and white dragon pattern high – footed bowl

Modelling and tall sufficient cup are same, slightly big.Yuan dynasty longquan kiln, jingdezhen kiln sheng fire, Ming and qing dynasties continue to fire, varieties of green glaze, egg white glaze, blue and white, red glaze, etc.

Palace bowl

Qing daoguang blue and white multicolored dragon and phoenix palace bowl

The mouth along the outside skimming, belly wide deep round, regular shape, more palace with the device, the name.Ming zhengde when the most famous firing, known as the “zhengde bowl.”


The heart bowl

Ming yongle blue flower chrysanthemum petal grain chicken heart bowl

Deep abdomen, small circle foot, the bottom of the bowl has a heart – like protuberant, named.Ming yongle, xuande two dynasties more firing, to the blue and white ceramic for more.

Hat to bowl

Kangxi, qing dynasty, piled white pearl cloud dragon bowl

Wide mouth, oblique abdominal wall is 45 degrees Angle, small circle foot.Inverted because of the shape of bamboo hats;So the name.Song dynasty began to burn, after all dynasties have fired.

Qing qianlong blue and white folding branch flower pattern bowl

Count the bowl

In the republic of China powder enamel light figure story folding bowl

Skimming, circle foot, the bowl under the abdomen hard fold, so called folding bowl.The earliest in the five dynasties, the yuan dynasty the most widely sold.

Lie the foot bowl

Qing daoguang bucket color lotus pond mandarin duck wen lie foot bowl

Shallow abdomen, bowl bottom heart concave, to bowl wall as a circle foot, so called lying foot bowl.It is commonly seen in Ming and qing dynasties.

The bore is clear bowl

Ming Ming bowl with multicolored flower pattern

It is formed by gluing two bowls, hollow between two bowls and a hole in the center of the bottom of the outer bowl, so it is called kongming bowl or zhuge bowl.It began in longquan kiln of northern song dynasty and was fired in jingdezhen of Ming dynasty.

Water bowl

Ming zhengde royal kiln element tricolor flower water purification bowl

Before the Buddha offering.Hello mouth, lower abdomen wide circle, circle foot, some pie – shaped foot or high foot.Late Ming dynasty and early qing dynasty were popular. The name of a disciple was often inscribed on the bowl.

Note the bowl

In the northern song dynasty, you ceramic tianqing glaze flower mouth filling bowl

Warm wine set, used with notes.Generally, the wall of the bowl is straight and deep, and some of the whole body is shaped like a lotus flower.In the song dynasty, ceramic kilns were burned in the north and south, mostly in the south.

Jade wall bottom bowl

Tang xing kiln white ceramic jade wall bottom bowl

Popular in the middle and late tang dynasty, Ming and qing dynasties also a small amount of firing.Circle foot wide, navel, like jade wall, so the name.

Table bowl

A small bowl of blue and white pottery unearthed from a specified burial.Late Ming see, rough technology, painting bold and unrestrained, more painting landscape, flowers and birds, plum bamboo, fruits and vegetables.

3,CiHu article

A pot of wine, a pole, and a few people were happy as nong.

Kettles, wine containers and water containers.The pot was used in a long time and has many styles, such as round, square, oblate, octagonal and arc.

Dish pot

Song jizhou kiln pankou pot

A style of pot.Dish mouth, have neck, 4 series or 6 series, bulge abdomen flat bottom.Celadon ware popular from the eastern han dynasty to the tang dynasty.The evolution trend of dish pot is that the dish mouth is enlarged, the neck grows from short to long, the abdomen develops from circle to ellipse, and the system changes from circle to bridge, and then to strip.

Zito pot

Blue and white chicken head pot

A style of pot.The pot spout was made into a chicken head, so it was named. It was first seen in the western jin dynasty, and continued to the early tang dynasty.Sheng – fired in zhejiang, varieties of green and black glaze.

Comb pot

Liao three-color chicken comb pot

A style of pot.The pot style of liao dynasty was named because the top of the pot was similar to the comb.Flat body, lower abdomen fat, upper tube type short flow.Producing area in liaoning province, such as aluko qinqi, chifeng and liaoyang, varieties of yellow glaze, white glaze and green glaze in the majority, with strong khitan national style.

Skins pot

Tang yellow glaze figure leather pot

A style of pot.The name of the pot of liao dynasty was made by imitating the skin container of the khitan people.Flat body, straight body, abundant lower part, short flow, both sides of the pot with the shape of the line, similar to stitched leather traces, both sides of the round hole, can be tied to the line.Producing area in liaoning and Inner Mongolia, varieties of white glaze, green glaze in the majority.

Salivary pot

Yellow glaze kettles in longquan kiln of southern song dynasty

A style of pot.Sanitary utensils, containers for spitting.Wash mouth, short neck, bulge abdomen flat bottom.Celadon kettles were produced by yue kiln in wu and jin dynasties.Song dynasty longquan kiln, ding kiln also fired, modeling changes, upper wash mouth increase, shallow circle foot.

Crested pot

Clear oven jun glaze crested kettle

A style of pot.The spout is named because it looks like a phoenix head.A crested lid with a belted neck and a slight belly, with a bell-shaped high foot, flowing on one side and an upright dragon-shaped handle on the other side.Created in the tang dynasty, it has three colors, white glaze and green glaze, which not only absorbs the characteristics of Persian gold and silver crested pot, but also blends with the traditional Chinese style, very unique.

Girder pot

Early qing dynasty plain tri-colour caldron with floral pattern

A style of pot.Small mouth, small flow, bulging belly, flat bottom, cover, in order to carry convenient, at both ends of the shoulder with a half moon shaped girder, named.Yaozhou kiln in the song dynasty, Ming and qing dynasty are fired, varieties of green glaze, blue and white, powder color, purple sand, etc.

Wear with pot

Qing jiaqing powder enamel wrapped lotus kaiguang bogutu wear with pot

A style of pot.Small mouth, short neck, oval belly, the lower two sides of the vessel have rectangular perforation, opposite to the double ears on both sides of the shoulder, can be worn and carried, hence the name.Tang dynasty has seen, song dynasty to the qing dynasty continued to fire, varieties of white glaze, green glaze, red glaze, etc.

Mitral pot

Qing peacock blue cap pot

A style of pot.Beaded button cover, duck-billed flow, short neck, bulging belly, ring feet, a side of the flat crank, shape like a monk’s hat, named.It is a kind of vessel influenced by foreign influence, which started in yuan dynasty. Jingdezhen kiln continued to be fired in Ming and qing dynasties.

Ben the pot

Alum red painted gold eight-treasure grain pot

A style of pot.Disc mouth, narrow neck, curved and flowing, bulbous below-bearing bell-shaped feet.Qing dynasty qianlong created the court for the device, handed down products such as red color, gold color and a variety of color powder color.

Qing jiaqing blue and white with powder enamel wrapped branches of flowers Ben ba pot

Back pot


Qing qianlong blue and white glaze red cloud dragon pattern back pot

A style of pot.Button cover of chicken heart, small mouth, short neck, rounded pot body, raised on one side of abdomen, convex umbilical on the central part, flat on one side, symmetrical double system on both sides of shoulder, easy to wear and carry, hence the name.Ming yongle, xuande town kiln has been fired, varieties of blue and white glaze.There were imitations in the qing dynasty.

4,ceramic statue of article

I carry a bottle of wine, alone on jiang zushi.

Zun, now zuozun, is a large and medium-sized wine vessel formed by the han nationality in the shang and zhou dynasties.Mostly made of bronze, it was later applied to ceramic modeling.

The ji chun

Southern song dynasty longquan kiln plum green halberd zun

Zun, now zun, this ceramic halberd zun, imitation of the ancient bronze ware modeling, open, belly slightly bulging, foot out.Neck, abdomen, shin around each act the role of a halberd, the name.Song jun kiln’s halberd is a precious treasure.

No block chun

Qing yongzheng blue and white without block

Large mouth, short neck, round belly, won bottom, shaped like a fish basket, named.Ming dynasty yongle jingdezhen kiln firing a style.The vessel shape was introduced from Persia. Its mouth and bottom were like walls. It was straight up and down.Ming dynasty yongle, xuande jingdezhen kiln firing, qing dynasty kangxi, yongzheng imitation firing, mostly for blue and white.

Fish basket honour

Qing dynasty early kiln change glaze fish basket

Have blue and white fish basket honour, qing dynasty yongzheng place copy bamboo makes up fish basket honour, have all sorts of single color glaze, modelling is true to life.

Pomegranate honour

Pastel figure pomegranate zun

Mouth curly, short neck, round belly, circle foot, because of its curly mouth like open pomegranate fruit, so the name.Qing dynasty yongzheng jingdezhen kiln began to burn, varieties of green glaze, kiln glaze, tea glaze and so on.

The white statue of

Qing guangxu cowpea red glaze taibai honour

Stationery.Small mouth slightly skimmed, short neck, broad shoulders, flat bottom.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln fire, with cowpea red glaze is the most famous, late qing imitation of poor quality.

The horseshoe honour

Qing kangxi glazed red flowers grain horseshoe statue

Wide mouth, round lips collect, cut shoulder wide abdomen, flat bottom, vessel shape like horseshoe shape, named.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln firing, only see small glazed red components.

Loeb honour

Qing qianlong brother glaze luo bu zun

Also known as “radish zun”.Small open mouth, long and thin neck, rich shoulders, gradually closed under the shoulders, concave bottom, shaped like Loeb, hence the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln more see firing, to cowpea red in the majority, there are sky blue glaze, bean green glaze.In late qing dynasty and early republic of China, there are many imitations.

Apple’s honour

Qing kangxi enamel red apple zun

Mouth, bottom concave, no neck, round belly, shaped like an apple, hence the name.Jingdezhen kiln in qing dynasty, large and small wares are available, the varieties are blue and white, red glaze, sky blue glaze, kiln glaze and so on.

Tauren honour

Qing qianlong blue and white wrapped branch lotus cow head

Large mouth, opening gradually below the mouth, with belly hanging down and feet in circle.on both sides of the shoulders, there are dragon-like ears, halberd ears, or animal head ears.According to records, jingdezhen kiln was fired at the end of Ming dynasty.Qing dynasty qianlong popular variety to blue and white.

The deer statue

Blue and white deer in the republic of China

The shape is the same as that of the ox head, with large mouth and gradually spread below the mouth, hanging belly, circle feet, and symmetrical animal head and ears on both sides of the shoulder. The whole body is painted with deer, so it is named.

Guanyin statue

Qing guangxu multicolored cluster of immortal wishes shou avalokitesvara

Spitmouth, long neck, rich shoulders, lower abdomen gradually, bottom out, the shape of the bottle held in guyin, hence the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln creation, varieties of lang kiln red, blue and white, colorful, etc.

5,ceramic piece

ceramic vase only worry about rain and rain jealous branches, take ceramic vase to raise but yi.

ceramic vases are containers for holding liquids.The shape of bottles in previous dynasties is rich and diverse, such as the shuanglong drink in sui and tang dynasties or the hand-passed bottle with double abdomen in parallel, and the multi-angle bottle used for ghost ware is quite popular in jiangsu and zhejiang during the five dynasties, which is similar to “multi-valley”, meaning good luck.

BaoYue bottle

Baoyue vase is one of the famous traditional Chinese ceramics, also known as “baoyue vase”.Small mouth, straight neck, neck side ears, because the bottle belly like a full moon, so called baoyue.

Yongzheng powder enamel vase with flower and bird pattern

The shape of the baoyue vase originated from the pottery horse-hanging vase popular in the song and yuan dynasties in the western xia dynasty.

Clear qianlong green and white eight auspicious double ribbon ear hold the moon

The Ming dynasty is decorated with blue and white, combined with the unique style of the vase, the color and shape of the perfect integration, so that it developed into display art.

Late qing pastel – colored marble ground vase with flower and bird patterns

Emperor qianlong was particularly fond of it. The vase also became one of the important display ceramics of qianlong dynasty in the qing dynasty. The shapes and patterns varied with the continuous innovation of the imperial kiln factory, showing various colors.


Lantern bottle, as its name implies, is named for its shape like a lantern, with straight mouth, short neck, rich shoulder, tube belly and ring foot.

Qing dynasty bing mei long peony lantern vase

Lantern bottles were created in official kilns in jingdezhen during yongzheng period and were popular during yongzheng and qianlong periods of the qing dynasty.During qianlong period, there were many lantern bottles.

Qing jiaqing pastel baby play figure lantern bottle

Panlong bottles

Coil dragon bottle, because the neck and shoulder of the bottle pile plastic a coil dragon, the name, also known as “pull according to the bottle” or “evocative bottle”, long neck cover, cover top knob into a tiger, phoenix, crane and other forms, round belly, circle foot, common in song, yuan and Ming dynasties, later, coil dragon decoration is also common in various types of bottles.

Qing yongzheng copper tire painting enamel yellow peony pattern flat dragon vase

Silk – cut enamel wrapped lotus pattern coil dragon vase

Dish buccal bottle

The name comes from the dish shape of the mouth.It is slender neck, slip shoulder, round abdomen, circle foot commonly.North to sui, short neck, flat bottom.Bottle of northern dynasty, abdomen is long and thin, the largest abdomen diameter near the bottom.Sui dynasty bottles had a slender neck, a plump abdomen and a slightly oval shape.

Pastel vase with flower and bird design

Double chi – shaped dish vase with black background and stork pattern

The plum bottle

Plum bottle is a small mouth, short neck, rich shoulders, thin bottom, circle foot bottle, with a small mouth can only insert plum branches and named.The slender bottle body was called “jing bottle” in song dynasty, and it was used as a vessel for holding wine.

Qing qianlong blue and white broken branch flower grain plum vase

Plum bottles first appeared in the tang dynasty, during the song and liao dynasties, and many new varieties appeared.To the yuan dynasty jingdezhen blue and white plum vase the most superb.

Jizhou kiln in the southern song dynasty black lotus pattern plum vase

Plum bottle is not only a wine vessel, but also a fondly appreciating article.Many of these vessels are exquisitely made and beautifully shaped.

Ming chenghua meiping British museum collection

Flower bottle mouth

Flower mouth bottle, one of the bottle styles popular in the song and jin dynasties, has a narrow neck, a round belly and a full foot.Beginning in the tang dynasty, song dynasty jingdezhen, magnetic state, yao state and other kilns are fired.

Qing jiaqing pinched silk enamel vase with flower mouth

Qing tongzhi powder enamel knife horse figure flower mouth vase

The gourd bottle

The shape of the bottle like gourd, since the tang dynasty, name and “fu lu” homonym, and shape like “ji” word, it is also known as “daji bottle”, meaning good luck, for the folk love, then become a traditional shape.

Qing yongzheng vase with colorful grape squirrel gourd

When it came to jiajing in the Ming dynasty, it was especially popular and varied because the emperor liked the way of huang and Lao.

Qing kangxi blue and white dragon design gourd bottle

Multi-tube bottle

Due to the body shoulder plastic upward upright tube, so the name.Straight mouth, on a flower – shaped button lid, bottle body has a cylinder type and multi – section gourd type.

Celadon multi-tube bottle of longquan kiln in northern song dynasty

Song dynasty north and south ceramic kilns are fired, to longquan kiln products more, generally for five tubes.The northern cizhou kiln system is also fired, the bottle body is short and round, the shoulder has upright six tubes, tube short.

Song blue and white multi-tube bottle

Cong type bottle

Cong, sound from.The jade with square pillar shape and round hole inside is a ritual vessel of neolithic age, also known as jade cong.Implement is round mouth, short neck, square column form is long body, circle sufficient, mouth, sufficient size photograph is like, some implement body has raised horizontal line adornment all around.The vessel is round inside and square outside.

Cong – shaped bottle of longquan kiln in Ming dynasty or earlier

The ceramic cong bottle follows the basic shape of the jade one, with a round interior and a transparent top and bottom, while the ceramic one has a circle and a bottom.

Cong – type vase with eight – trigram grain in qing guangxu powder colour

The jade cong is fired to imitate the zhou dynasty ritual vessel.Round mouth, square body, circle foot, vessel shape is decorated with raised lines all around, mouth and foot size phase.Song dynasty, to longquan kiln, official kiln, yuan, Ming and qing dynasties are still firing.

Cong – shaped bottle with bright blue glaze and double – image ears

Spring bottle

Spring bottle, also known as “jade pot spring bottle”, from the poem “jade pot first spring” named.The basic shape system is skimming mouth, thin neck, hanging belly, circle foot, it is a soft change of the arc line for the outline of the bottle.

Qing guangxu plantain green and white bamboo stone jade pot spring bottle

The unique features of the shape are: the neck is thin, the center of the neck is slightly bandy, the neck is gradually widened downward into the apricot round pendent abdomen, the curve changes slowly round;Circle foot is relatively large, or inside collect or outside skim.

Ming hongwu glaze red peony pattern jade pot spring vase

The shape of this bottle was finalized in the song dynasty. Ding kiln, yao zhou kiln, cizhou kiln, longquan kiln and jingdezhen kiln were all fired.Varieties are blue and white, glaze red, multicolored, bucket color, powder color and so on.

Jade pot spring vase with clear sauce glaze


Celestial sphere bottle, bottle shape is small mouth, straight neck, abundant shoulder, false ring foot, sand bottom slightly concave.Because of the big round belly, as if from the sky, like the name.Xuande tianqiuxianggu thick mouth short neck, wide under the collection;Abdomen is big and flat, sandy bottom is small concave, after copy implement model much neck long abdomen is round.

Qing qianlong pastel green vase with dragon design

Tianqiu vase is a kind of ceramic shape deeply influenced by west Asian culture. It was created and burned in jingdezhen kiln in yongle and xuande years of Ming dynasty.Yongle dynasty began to become ornamental bottles, xuande years more popular.

Qing guangxu yellow ground powder enamel vase with flowers wrapped in branches

In qing dynasty, the neck of tianqiu was slightly long and the abdomen was round. When kangxi was flat sand bottom, yongzheng was straight and slightly curved, and the abdomen was flat and round.

Clear apple green brother glaze ball vase

The goose neck bottle

The neck is like a gooseneck, hence the name.Open thin neck, drum belly circle foot.The model is beautiful and highly ornamental.

North song dynasty pinching goose neck bottle

Clear enamel enamel vase with flower gooseneck

Like the legs bottle

The elephant leg bottle, because the body is like a straight tube shape, “tube” and “tong” homonym, so it has the meaning of “great qing dynasty unified the world”, named “yi tong bottle”, is a kind of ceramic shape created and burned in the qing dynasty.Bottle form is wide outside skimming, short neck, shoulder is like wide with mouth photograph, flat bottom, modelling is like thick elephant leg, so also known as “elephant leg bottle”.

Vase with clear pastel flowers and elephant legs

Qing kangxi blue and white flower elephant leg vase

Bile type bottle

Gallbladder bottle, straight mouth, long neck, shoulder cut, abdomen lower fullness, vessel shape like gallbladder, hence the name.Ge kilns, jun kilns in the song dynasty, this type, qing dynasty jingdezhen kilns, mostly monochromatic glaze.

Early qing blue and white jar

Qianlong ceramic vase with variable glaze

Olive jar

Olive bottle, skimming, short neck, shoulder and neck adduction, belly slightly bulging, foot outside skimming, mouth and bottom size similar, bottle body like olive, hence the name.

Clear cloisonne dragon ear olive vase

Henan dengfeng kiln in the song dynasty, qing dynasty is still burning, shape slightly changed, neck slightly long, symmetrical and beautiful.

In the republic of China coral red painted gold tuanhua glazed powder enamel immortal figure grain olive bottle

Ombre bottle

Bottle of phoenix tail, trumpet-shaped mouth, long neck, bulging belly, gathered down to the bottom and wide, the shape is slightly like the phoenix tail, hence the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln, products for the people’s kilns, varieties of blue and white, colorful, etc.

Kangxi vase with blue and white design

Clear cloisonne vase with dragon’s ear and tail

Garlic bottle

The Ming and qing dynasties jingdezhen kiln a common type of bottle, bottle mouth like garlic named.ceramic garlic bottle began to burn in the song dynasty, popular in the Ming and qing dynasties, jingdezhen kiln products for many, varieties of blue and white, colorful, sprinkle blue painted gold.

Yuan dynasty peng kiln garlic bottle

Ming jiajing blue and white five-color dragon design garlic bottle

Wooden stick bottle

Mallet bottles are divided into hard mallet bottles, square mallet bottles and soft mallet bottles.Hard mallet bottle also known as round mallet bottle, dish mouth, short straight neck, round folded shoulder, cylinder-shaped long abdomen, circle foot, the bottom is more than a flat cut type platform.Vessel abdomen has height and thickness of the points, thick abdomen, grave shape, thin abdomen, beautiful shape.

Qing kangxi colorful figure gavel bottle

Square mallet bottle, skimming, short neck, flat shoulder slightly folded, body into a four-cylinder shape, long belly slightly wide upper part, slightly narrow lower part, the bottom of the vessel has a wide square foot, concave bottom glaze.Modern called the square bottle, there are blue and white ware and tricolor ware.

Qing kangxi blue and white landscape figure poetry square gavel bottle

Soft mallet bottle, as opposed to hard mallet bottle, especially refers to a kind of vessel shape which was burned in the early period of yongzheng dynasty.

Qing yongzheng pastel figure playing chess figure soft hammer bottle

Hammer oil bottle

Small mouth, slender neck, round belly, ring foot, the shape of oil mill used oil hammer, so the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln, variety to blue and white and color glaze.

Qing kangxi glaze red painted gold figure oil hammer bottle

Qing yongzheng alum red color wrapped branch lotus pattern oil hammer bottle

Willow bottle

Skimming, short neck, abundant shoulder, shoulder under thin to foot, foot concave, long and thin body, shaped like willow leaves, hence the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln, kangxi cowpea red glaze willow leaf bottle, is a very precious product.

Qing guangxu furnace jun glaze willow leaf bottle

In the republic of China powder enamel baby play willow leaf bottle

Hide the grass bottle

Tibetan grass bottle, also known as manna bottle, was a special vessel made by Tibetan monks in the qing dynasty for planting grass and offering Buddha, so it was called Tibetan grass bottle.

Qing qianlong fan red color flowers collection grass vase

Yongzheng has been fired, qianlong period products for the round lip mouth, straight neck with protruding string lines, rich shoulders, lower abdomen gradually closed, band shin, foot outside.This type of bottle reflects the perfect combination of the traditional shape in Tibet and the ancient ceramic firing technology in the mainland.

Tibetan grass vase with eight auspicious patterns in pastel on yellow ground

The revolving bottle

In a carving bottle, a rotating inner bottle is set. Various patterns are painted on it. When the opening of the bottle is moved, different pictures can be seen through the opening of the outer bottle.Qing dynasty qianlong jingdezhen kiln creation, mostly for the official kiln.

Clear powder enamel rolling road flowers open hollow dragon figure to turn the heart bottle

Qing pastel hollow out painted gold heart vase

Net bottle

The clean flask, which is one of the eighteen things of the bhikkhu, is made of clay or metal to hold water for drinking or washing.

Qing kangxi glazed red clear bottle

“Thousand-eye avalokitesvara avalokitesvara great compassion heart doloni” as one of the forty thousand hands of avalokitesvara.

Clear green color erlongxizhu net bottle

In a bottle

The basic features of the shape are: bell-shaped mouth, long and thin belly, belly with a pair of ring ears, popular in song, liao, jin, yuan, Ming, qing dynasties, white glaze, yellow glaze, white glaze green color products are more common, is the ancient ceramic bottle, because on both sides of the bottle with a belt or rope ring ear groove cao named.

Qingdaoguang variable glaze wear with bottle

In a bottle

Melon leng bottle

Shaped shaped gourd edge bottle for skimming, straight neck, long round gourd prismatic belly, circle foot do petal type outside, bottle body beautiful dexterity.

Ming longquan double dragon ear gourd edge bottle

One of the common bottle styles in song dynasty ceramic is characterized by the curved shape of the bottle’s abdomen, which resembles the shape of melon edges.North and south ceramic kilns are fired, to jingdezhen products in the majority.

Melon edge vase with clear tea leaves

Penetration ears

Popular in song dynasty.The shape is similar to the style of throwing kettle in han dynasty, with a long straight neck, a flat round belly and round feet, and vertical tubular ears attached symmetrically on both sides of the neck.Ge kilns, official kilns, longquan kilns and more firing, qing dynasty also has imitation.

Qing guangxu vase with blue and white flowers

Qing qianlong vase with blue and white powder enamel passionfruit

String lines bottle

Also known as the string bottle, because the bottle body around a convex string pattern for decoration and named.Song ding kiln, guan kiln, ge kiln, longquan kiln and many other firing.

Long quan stringed vase of southern song dynasty

Qing dehua fish ear string vase

Phoenix first bottle

A type of ceramic from the liao dynasty.Many for the neck, wing, upright phoenix shape.Fancy cup mouth, phoenix head zhang mu qu mouth, long neck, broad shoulders, foot abduction.

Tang/liao white glaze feng first bottle


Liao huang glaze feng first bottle

Water chestnut bottle

Qing dynasty, a popular bottle style, thick long neck, flat round belly, like water chestnuts and famous.Kangxi was the first in qing dynasty, yongzheng official kilns were mostly made with standard shape and system.The device has regular shape, exquisite cut foot, foot end exposed tire, flat bottom.

Qing qianlong yellow color broken branches treasure phase Hualien petal grain water chestnut bottle

Clear qianlong aqua skin skin phoenix wear pattern water chestnut flat bottle

Paper mallet bottle

Named for the shape of paper mallet, modeling for small mouth, slender neck, rich shoulders, round belly.Song dynasty in your kiln more.

Paper mallet in longquan kiln of southern song dynasty

Qing kangxi mallet bottle with chi dragon pattern carved in black peacock green glaze

Double bottle

Shaped like conjoined Pisces, also known as “conjoined bottle”, “double fish bottle” or “acacia bottle”, it appeared in the tri-colored glazed pottery of the tang dynasty and was popular in the qing dynasty.The name comes from the combination of the two bottles.Usually the abdomen of two bottles is glued together or connected from mouth to bottom.

Qing qianlong powder enamel double vase with flowers and birds

Qing xianfeng powder enamel and jin bao phase flower double vase

7,More ceramic modeling appreciation

Day word can

Qing qianlong blue and white wrapped branch lotus pattern day pot

Mouth big, short neck, round shoulder, belly slightly closed, shallow circle foot, the bottom of the blue and white regular script “day” word, so the name, Ming dynasty chenghua jingdezhen kiln creation, for the bucket color ware, the court used ceramic.

The sun jar

Qing dynasty qianlong bean green glaze sun and moon pot

Straight mouth, short neck, cut shoulder, belly, shallow circle foot, shoulder convex carving symmetrical semicircle decoration, symbol of the sun and moon, hence the name.Qing dynasty kangxi jingdezhen kiln creation, variety to sacrifice red glaze, east green glaze, to daoguang years are still fired.

The general tank

Qing kangxi blue and white multicolored cave stone flower pattern general pot

Straight mouth, short neck, rich shoulders, bulging belly, flat or shallow circle feet, because the top of the pearl button cover shaped like a general’s helmet, so the name.Jingdezhen kiln was popular in the early qing dynasty.There are many imitations in late qing dynasty and early republic of China.

Nail washing drum

Mandarin duck drum nail washing in lotus pond

It is archaize bronze ware shape, wash the body raised nail decoration, so the name.Jun kiln and longquan kiln were fired in song dynasty.

Peach washer

Qing qianlong imitation ru glaze peach wash

Shallow body, shape like half a peach, the name.Longquan kilns, official kilns in the song dynasty were made, jingdezhen kilns, yixing kilns were also made in the Ming and qing dynasties.

Pisces wash

Yuan longquan Pisces wash

Board along the mouth, shallow belly, circle foot, wash the heart with protruding Pisces decoration, so the name.Song, yuan longquan kiln sheng burned green glaze double fish wash.


Yue kiln tiger in jin dynasty

A kind of vessel.Mouth like the mouth of the tiger head, back with a beam, round belly, four feet, because its shape like a tiger, so the name.Its use has two, one is drowning device;First, it’s water.When the eastern han dynasty, six dynasty tomb often wind see, are green glaze.

To ward off bad luck

The green glaze of the eastern jin dynasty dispelled evil spirits

A stationery.To ward off evil for the ancient legend of the god beast, like a lion and wings, can ward off evil.The design of the green glaze is like a lion and has wings.Tomb unearthed in the two jin dynasty green glaze exorcism more.

Flower watering

Qing yongzheng Canton glazed ceramic figure flowers watering

A watering implement.Ming yongle, xuande jingdezhen kiln fired flower watering mouth, thick neck, round belly, a crank on one side.Qing dynasty yongzheng shape changes, mouth for a narrow flow, thin neck, shallow circle foot.Species see blue and white.

Flower vase with

Blue and white figure pavilion design vase in the republic of China

A display ceramic.It is an archaize bronze style, with a long neck, a small drum, wide bottom.Ming and qing jingdezhen kilns are fired, varieties of blue and white, colorful, bronze color.Yixing kiln, dehua kiln firing with purple sand, white glaze vase.

Slag bucket

Qing tongzhi yellow powder enamel bamboo grain slag bucket

An everyday appliance.Because it is specially used to hold the dross such as bone fish sting, so the name.Open, full belly, circle foot outside.Jin dynasty began to produce varieties of green glaze and white glaze.

Like raw ceramic

Qianlong in the qing dynasty looked like a vase with ceramic conch

In the Ming and qing dynasties, yixing kiln in jiangsu province was used to make purple sand ware.During the reign of qianlong in the qing dynasty, the jingdezhen kiln produced pomegranate, peanut, longan, crab, conch and other elephant ceramic with realistic shape and high artistic value.

ceramic pillow

Beauty pillow

ceramic pillow is one of the most popular ceramic shapes in ancient China.Beginning to burn in sui, popular after tang.At first, it was buried with them. Later, it was used for bedding and pulse diagnosis.In the song dynasty, the development of ceramic pillows entered a prosperous period, which greatly enriched the expressive force and artistry of ceramic pillows.

Late qing dynasty powder enamel ceramic pillow with floral texture



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