Nephrite is not soft, personality


Nephrite is the English name for Nephrite, sometimes Jade.Chinese name is called jade or hetian jade, because nephrite was first produced in hetian, xinjiang, also known as “hetian jade” or “xinjiang jade”.

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2,Nephrite toughness

Although the name “soft” jade, but not soft.Nephrite good toughness!

The reason is that the interweaving of fine fibers strengthens the bond between particles, resulting in very good toughness and not easy to fracture.

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3,Composition of nephrite

Nephrite is mainly composed of tremolite, amphibole, such as the composition of the mineral aggregate, showing fiber interwoven structure!

Fine texture, dense, luster moisture, often show grease glass luster or grease luster, give a person with a warm and moist feeling, also often used to describe the gentleman.

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Nephrite is generally slightly transparent, with a hardness of 5-6, a refractive index of 1.61-1.62, and a density of about 3.0g/cm3. It can be divided into mountain material and small material according to the state of production.

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4,Nephrite classification

Divided by color, mainly divided into white jade, sapphire, jasper, mo jade, topaz, flower jade.

• white jade:

contains more than 95% tremolite and is white in color according to color and texture!

Cent for commonly: white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of white of fish bone, fish bone, brown rice, chicken, among them with show white of sheep fat is best.

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• sapphire:

refers to nephrite from cyan to pale cyan. Cyan in nephrite is an indistinct color between gray-green and grayish.

The texture of blue jade is similar to white jade, but the color is not as white jade, so its value is lower than white jade, containing 89% tremolite, 6% phallite.It has a greasy sheen.

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• blue and white jade:

refers to the white and blue jade between

Show off-white or the bai yu that contains light grayish green attune, be like white not white, be like green not green, main body still shows white normally, for hetian jade in 3 class jade material, economic value is inferior to bai yu slightly.

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• jasper:

refers to green, dark green, or dark green nephrite, commonly spinach green, containing more than 85% tremolite.

Its texture is exquisite, translucent, show grease luster, for the middle grade jade.Jasper is usually not very uniform texture, often contains obvious black spots, white veins and so on.

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• flower jade:

refers to the jade with various colors and proper distribution on a piece of jade to form a certain “pattern”.

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• jet:

black with graphite and magnet components in tremolite.

• most black and white or grey-black jade with black markings, refers to pure black, dark black, grey-black, blue-black jade.

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• sugar jade:

iron oxide infiltrates into tremolite to form red skin shells of different shades. The deep red color is “sugar jade” and “tiger skin jade”, and the white color is slightly pink and called “pink jade”.

• sugar jade and white jade or plain jade often form double color jade material, can make “qiao color jade”.

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