Nephrite (hetian jade):14 reasons you should invest in it

1,What is Nephrite (hetian jade)?

Nephrite (hetian jade) is a kind of single mineral rock composed of microcrystalline aggregate, containing few impurity minerals, mainly composed of tremolite.Its famous producing area is the kunlun mountains, known as the “ancestor of the mountains”, and the hotan region of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region.Nephrite (hetian jade) is produced in the whole kunlun mountain north slope about 1300 kilometers long, with hetian as the center of the narrow strip of kunlun mountain and river jade pu, so the kunshan jade is called “nephrite (hetian jade)”.

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Nephrite (hetian jade) is the high-grade jade in jade, and is one of the candidates of China’s national stone.Now nephrite (hetian jade) in the national standard does not have the origin significance, that is, whether produced in xinjiang, qinghai, liaoning, guizhou, Russia, Canada, South Korea, the main component of tremolite can be called nephrite (hetian jade).

Nephrite (hetian jade) has a long history of at least 3000 years in China. It is part of the main content of China’s jade culture and a precious heritage and artistic treasure in the cultural treasure house of the Chinese nation.China is the only country in the history of the world that combines jade and humanity.

1.Moist or oily:

nephrite (hetian jade) with warm or oily as the first characteristic, so as to distinguish is not xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade).Other jade moist and oily can not be compared with xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade).

2.nephrite (hetian jade) color:

white, sugar white, blue white, yellow, sugar, blue, green, ink, smoke green, green, blue and white.We know that xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) was mainly topaz and white jade before the qing dynasty.Topaz is very beautiful.In fact, no less than suet jade, we should give topaz body.

3.Hetian material:

Hetian materials are divided into seed materials, mountain and running water, gobi materials and mountain materials.


Nephrite (hetian jade) is no longer of origin significance, as a commodity name.Wherever nephrite is produced, the name nephrite (hetian jade) is used uniformly.For example: qinghai produce is called qinghai feed, Russia produce is called Russia feed, xinjiang hetian region produce is called hetian feed, and so on.

2,What kinds of nephrite (hetian jade) are there?

Nephrite (hetian jade) categories are suet white jade, white jade, blue white jade, blue jade, topaz, sugar jade, jasper, moyu.There is also a blue-and-white type recognized by the industry in recent years, which is separated from the type of jet jade.

White jade and white jade

Sheep fat white jade: said the high quality white jade, the color is fat white, but slightly pan blue, cream yellow, fine texture moisture, grease, grain crack less, can have water stone flowers, impurities generally 10% below, sugar color less than 30%.According to the number of sugar color can be further subdivided into: suet white jade, suet white jade.The sugar-colored part of the white jade is 30 to 85 percent.

Bai yu: color is given priority to with white, can slightly suffuse gray, yellow, green wait for tonal, quality of a material is dense and exquisite, grease sex is moderate, visible tuft is cracked.According to the number of sugar color can be further subdivided into white jade, sugar white jade.Sugar white jade is 30 to 85 percent sugar colored.

Green and white jade

Green and white jade: is between white and blue jade varieties, the color is based on white, with grey-green, grey-green, yellow-green, brown, gray and other light – medium tone, translucent or slightly transparent shape, texture fine and dense, grease in general, translucent shape, visible tuft.According to the number of sugar color can be further subdivided into blue white jade, sugar blue white jade.

Blue: the color is blue to deep blue, gray, yellow and green medium or dark, according to the number of sugar color can be further subdivided into blue, sugar blue.

Topaz and sugar jade

Topaz: light to medium different yellow tone, often for green yellow, millet yellow, with gray, green and other colors, according to the number of sugar color can be further subdivided into topaz, sugar topaz.

Sugar jade: as a result of secondary action formation, be stained by iron oxide, manganese oxide reddish-brown, yellow-brown, brown, black brown and other colors, sugar color part accounted for 85% of the overall sample named sugar jade.

Jasper and jet

Jasper: the color is based on green, green, gray green, dark green and other colors.

Jet: the color is gray black or black accounts for more than 30%.Black was more than dye – like, leaf – like, ribbon, aggregation, can be mixed with white or gray, more uneven.

Blue and white

The ink color reaches more than 90 percent of the material known as jet, black and white or white and white and white materials known as blue and white, blue and white and jet a significant difference lies in the proportion of ink and white meat.

3,What influence does nephrite (hetian jade) have on Chinese jade culture?


In ancient times, jade symbolized the noble moral character in the moral concept.In the eastern han dynasty, there are five virtues for the beauty of jade and stone, which is to compare the five physical properties of jade to the five virtues of human beings: benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, courage and cleanliness.Ancient jade ritual functions has been the mainstream of Chinese ancient jades, “six” is an integral part of a feudal etiquette with the jade, with six different shape of jade as a sacrifice, worship, send, the army of jade ritual activities, that is, the rites of commodities “” call” to jade for six, heaven and earth square with courtesy, to day, pale wall with Huang Congli ground, with green, the east, with red Zhang south, with Bai Huli west, to XuanHuang ceremony “in the north.

2.The origin

Xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) culture has enriched the history of Chinese civilization.Some experts believe that it is of great significance to study the origin and development of Chinese jade to discuss the quality and material of ancient jade in prehistoric times.There are some influential cultures in China, such as hongshan culture, liangzhu culture, lingjiatan culture, yangshao culture, qijia culture, and shijia culture, etc. These cultures are expressed through jade and jade materials, and their sources are important contents of Chinese jade culture research.Yangshao culture and tremolite jade from xinjiang, qijia culture including longshan culture tremolite jade from hetian, xinjiang.The long – term debate and research of scholars and experts have been illustrated by historical materials and evidence of unearthed jade, from theoretical inference and prediction to theoretical update and conclusion.But the debate will go on for a long time.

3.Collect jade

Looking through ancient Chinese jade wares, the ancestors all over the country picked jade and took jade locally according to their original aesthetic standards based on different geological and geomorphic conditions.With the development and changes of The Times and the continuous improvement of the level of productivity, the jade mining technology has become more and more superb, the range of jade mining has become larger and larger, and people have a deeper understanding of jade.In the north slope of the kunlun mountains, the ancestors found the internationally recognized jade — nephrite (hetian jade) from xinjiang, China.Nephrite (hetian jade) from the perspective of history, or from the perspective of culture, or from the perspective of reality, nephrite (hetian jade) is not only the finest jade in China, but also an important part of Chinese jade culture.

4,How to look at nephrite (hetian jade) ware material?

Material is the primary premise of jade collection, high quality jade is very important for a jade.Ziyu of the same grade is 6-8 times of mountain material.In the market or on the Internet, it is more common to sell skinless mountain or Russian materials, filled and field materials.

Russian makings also belong to mountain makings and the material composition is the same, because out of the mine in Russia and called Russia makings, its price is much lower, the characteristic is the color white but the jade quality is too water namely transparent feeling overweight, the density and the oil quality are all inferior to the authentic and the field child jade makings are good!If the Russian material filled and field sub – materials sold, little experience is difficult to distinguish.

The real suet jade, requires the tremolite content to reach 99%, it is produced in the ice covered glaciers.Not only white and absolutely do not turn over green, its grease degree is particularly high, not the mountain makable that general chroma achieves level of sheep fat or child jade can match.Some old players have been playing jade for decades.Sheep fat jade to obtain the difficulty of high and its rarity, so love jade often find sheep fat jade difficult, difficult on the feeling of the sky.Can say so, also can not buy the refined article yangfat jade.

Now claim the sheep fat jade, in fact most is the high white mountain jade or the son jade, if does not take the skin high white jade is generally more mountain material.YuGong know son He high mountain jade price material several times, must try their best to keep skin in the work.Some to pretend to be zi yu and try to do burn dyed false leather, it is often visible.Whether the skinless jade is ziyu or not depends on the experience and vision of the appraisers.According to the nephrite (hetian jade) of the same grade, the child material is the most valuable, mountain water, mountain material and second.

The same seed with leather is much more expensive than the seed without leather

Hetian jade outside the distribution of a layer of maroon or brown yellow jade skin, so used to be known as leather jade.There are qiupi, asparagus, red, black and other colors, jade artists with a variety of skin color named jade, such as qiupi, tiger, jujube red, sprinkled gold, black skin and so on.Many jade in the world have this color, but not as beautiful as nephrite (hetian jade).The use of leather can produce pretty color jade, natural chengqu, known as DE bao.Hetian zi jade skin in a variety of forms, some into clouds, some veins, some into scattered points.The formation of chroma is secondary.Since ancient times, the price of the same leather-colored sub-material is much more expensive than the price of the non-leather-colored sub-material.The natural and brilliant skin color is the characteristic of nephrite (hetian jade).But false ooze color with leather material is very common ooze color attached to the surface.There is no oil on the outside, and there is no water head, which needs to be distinguished.

There are the following advantages in purchasing leather jade:

1. Ziyu with steel seal (national identification certificate) is uncontroversial and can be sure of its value preservation and appreciation.

2. There is a saying in the line: “the seed is not recognized by the god”.Mainly refers to some high quality mountain material (even Russian material) can be compared with sub-material, and is sold by unscrupulous traders at a high price, but the purchase price is several times far.

So naked jade without skin is more controversial and difficult to determine its value.So some people say: nude jade is controversial, not sure to maintain its value.Nude jade is a black and white photo, while leather jade is a color photo, which gives artists full creative space and people colorful artistic enjoyment.

5,Nephrite (hetian jade) carving process

As far as I know, a piece of natural nephrite (hetian jade), no matter how it is my texture, I will try my best to highlight its advantages, while its disadvantages will try my best to cover up.This is a very high level of jade carving division of technical requirements, jade carving technology is also a lot of exquisite, especially for the quality of jade is not very good jade, in the actual carving is some trouble.For a good nephrite (hetian jade) stone if you do not grasp it well, then do not go to carving, so as not to destroy its value.

In nephrite (hetian jade) carving, the first is “work” and then “material”.

First is the “workers”, if it is a good material, no good workers to carve it, that the value of the jade also to sell at a discount greatly, as the value of jade raw material rise sharply in recent years, good material becomes scarce and become extremely valuable, so the jade carving craft is concise, try to keep the original stone of the same, more concise process more prove the good quality of raw material, is often complex technology sometimes to cover up the shortcomings of raw material, the real good technology can make the value of jade multiply, sometimes working poor again good jade couldn’t sell good price.

Then down is “material”, there is a saying in the jade circle: “material is poor, you are doing fly up is not valuable.”On the image of the importance of raw materials, is also the collection of jade to consider the first element.If the raw materials are poor, it is difficult to improve the value of jade works even if you find first-class masters to design and make.Sometimes the really perfect stuff is worth more than the carving.

As a kind of art collection, jade has been loved by people since ancient times.Nowadays jade already gradually by collect and turn to invest trend, but the jade on the market good and bad are intermingled, can say the jade that has how many quality to be poor sells go out, produced how many collect the error of investment.Likewise, how many high-quality goods sell, also have equal investment to collect is correct.As the saying goes: rare is precious, but often good things are rare, jade is the same.Therefore, it is of great benefit to you to master some tips of jade collection.

6,What effect does nephrite (hetian jade) have?

Ancient medical books said that “jade is the beauty of stone, sweet taste flat non-toxic”, and said that jade is the body’s most abundant energy storage material.Jade is not only used for jewelry, decoration and decoration, but also for health maintenance.Since ancient times, emperors and concubines of different dynasties never left jade for health preservation, while song huizong was addicted to jade, Yang guifei was fond of jade for heat control, and jade was a clever pillow. Ancient emperors liked to use jade as a pillow, and emperors of long life in ancient China used jade pillow for a long time.

The ancient medical classics huangdi neijing, tang Ben cao, shen nong Ben cao, Ben cao gangmu all say nephrite (hetian yu) can “nourish Yin qi, strengthen kidney Yang, remove heat, relieve annoyance and confusion, moisten heart and lungs, help voice and throat, nourish hair, nourish the five internal organs, comfort the soul, thin blood vessels, clear eyes and ears”.

Jade can not only beautify people’s lives, edify their temperament, but also dispel diseases and keep peace.Its products are directly used for health care: jade pillow, jade pad, fitness ball, massager, walking stick, jade comb, has the curative effect of keeping beauty, calming and soothing to human body.Soft jade, hetian jade material can can send gas, throughput, if on the acupuncture point, can stimulate the channels and collaterals, dredge viscera, it can along with the gender and, combined with the body temperature quickly, is located in the wrist dorsal have “endowment”, often wear jade bracelet, can get the long-term benign massage, can not only remove old man blurred vision of the disease, and storage, keep spirit.

7,Nephrite (hetian jade) identification method daquan

Soft jade, hetian jade) fine texture, moderate, has always been pleasant, and its sort is more, each has its own characteristics, including suet jade more because of its features and rarity, touted as the high-quality goods of jade, but with soft jade, hetian jade) known as one of the popular collectibles, step by step and the pursuit of soft jade, hetian jade), the market shows a batch of genuine soft jade, hetian jade).Here are a few rough measures that I hope will help you.

Test the hardness with a knife

Nephrite (hetian jade) mohs hardness reached about 6.5, take a knife in the following uniform generally will not leave traces, if it is glass and lower hardness of jade will leave traces, but now a lot of imitation materials also choose some high hardness of jade, also will not leave traces.

Check the color of nephrite (hetian jade)

Nephrite (hetian jade) only red, blue, black, yellow four categories of color, there are red legends, xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade).But you haven’t seen it, so if you come across a red nephrite, it’s a fake.Red colors range from white to bluish white, yellow from light yellow to dark yellow (including sugar), cyan from light blue to dark blue, and ink from ink to light black

Suet and yellow nephrite (hetian jade) are of high value

The sheep fat jade quality is exquisite, white like coagulate fat, is the red nephrite (hetian jade) in the best kind, how to identify nephrite (hetian jade).Xinjiang is the only region in the world where this species is rare, so it is extremely rare.Nephrite (hetian jade) store.Topaz is also extremely rare, second only to the value of suet jade.The cyan nephrite (hetian jade) has the lowest value, while the cyan nephrite (hetian jade) has a wide range of colors, ranging from light cyan to dark cyan.

See if it’s translucent

In the jade has transparent, translucent, opaque three kinds, and nephrite (hetian jade) is translucent, in the light, nephrite (hetian jade) monopoly.An object that can see through light, but not clearly.Can be aimed at the source of jade, with his hands shaking after the jade, really neolithic (hetian jade) can see that there is a black shadow shaking.

Hear the verdict

Nephrite (hetian jade) because the quality is thick and moist, the pulse is firm and dense, so in the percussion sound crisp, crisp, Beijing nephrite (hetian jade) auction.Can take two identical jade to knock a few times, xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) price.If the sound is mute, it is not nephrite (hetian jade). The sound of nephrite (hetian jade) is as clear as steel.

Weigh it in your hands

In the purchase, you can measure the same volume of jade with your hands, nephrite (hetian jade) is heavier, more solid, thick and generally heavier than other jade.

Check the texture

Nephrite (hetian jade) texture moist jin run, delicate, mild, and the general situation has a grease luster, nephrite (hetian jade) discrimination techniques.Other jade runze jin run and grease luster than nephrite (hetian jade).Can put jade on the skin additionally, can have a kind of cool feeling, and vitreous product is done not have.

Check the certificate number

Nephrite (hetian jade) the price is more expensive, have a certificate commonly, can make xinjiang nephrite of bureau of quality supervision (hetian jade) or search on the net check whether number is true.

Upload photos for experts and netizens to judge

Now there are a lot of businesses or happy people to provide expert judgment or online judgment, you can take photos from all angles, xinjiang.Upload to the Internet, for expert evaluation, photo must understand.

8,Nephrite (hetian jade) what are the standards and elements of collection?

Many people are infatuated with nephrite (hetian jade) collection, more people invest in nephrite (hetian jade) collection, why?Soft jade, hetian jade is the essence of the Chinese for thousands of years precipitation in our nation’s bone marrow, also has become an important element of our Chinese traditional culture, for thousands of years from the palace minister to literati and advocating the beauty of jade, jade quality is compared to a man’s virtue, so a few thousand to jade culture nourished our countrymen.In today’s modern society, people still admire and wear beautiful jade, and the concept of raising jade and jade has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts.

At the same time, as a country that believes in reciprocity, nephrite (hetian jade) pendants or carvings as gifts have also become a popular way to bring people closer to each other.The character is transparent, gentle, introverted, deeply in line with the essence of traditional Chinese culture, giving people an unforgettable beauty, is a kind of soft breath from the depth of culture, is a kind of historical precipitation, beautiful deposition, do not have a lasting appeal.

People say that gold has a price, jade is priceless, that is, nephrite (hetian jade) collection value, it is not only ornaments, but also can be used as an investment appreciation items.So that the jade collection investment value is also getting more and more collectors and investors recognized and favored.So how do we as investors invest in nephrite?Nephrite (hetian jade) what are the standards and elements of collection?

First look at the material: what is the best nephrite (hetian jade) material?Nephrite (hetian jade) is divided into small jade, mountain material and mountain water material.The color is mainly white, there are pure white, moon white, off-white, cyan white;There are also cyan, bi, sugar, black and yellow.Pure white is the best, black and yellow jade is relatively rare.In particular, the white ziyu processed like refined sheep fat, so called “sheep fat jade”, nephrite (hetian jade) in the boutique.Made of all kinds of jade looks pleasing to the eye, touch a warm feeling, glittering and translucent get out in the light, such as condensed fat, texture, the highest value, is also the most favored by investors and collectors category, can be called nephrite (hetian jade) in the best.How to judge a good jade?1.Color wants positive, cannot have 2 kinds of color to resemble appear, be like off-white, cyan, yellow green.White jade is the standard color is fat white, milk white, litchi white;Green and white and the standard color is pink green, green bean, melon green.2.The product should be moist and delicate, just like fat and oil, and smooth and smooth as baby’s skin.3.The whole is pure, white flawless nephrite (hetian jade) reputation, the whole is pure, no defects, no stone tendon, no crack is the top quality.Yu not cover defect, what is inside and outside is neolite (hetian jade) virtue.

Second, look at the work, a good piece of jade to match the good work, it is said that the golden age of chaos, in today’s stable development of society, people’s living standards are improving, jade investment is at the right time.Nephrite (hetian jade), the first of China’s five famous jade, is more popular among collectors and has become a bright spot in the investment market.The master believed that whether collecting “new nephrite (hetian jade) ware” or “old nephrite (hetian jade) ware”, the value of collection should be judged according to whether the materials of the works are superior, whether the workmanship is fine, and whether the connotations involved are elegant and artistic.If it is to collect ‘ancient nephrite (hetian jade) ware’, two points should be added: 1. Good quality of jade and well-preserved; 2. High cultural and historical value.That is to say, choose to collect nephrite (hetian jade) ware, whether the jade raw materials are superior, whether the work is fine is the most important thing in jade collection.The appreciation of jade depends on its materials and workmanship, so I hope people in the collection and purchase of nephrite (hetian jade), to carefully measure, strive to do not blindly follow the wind, with the least money to buy the most valuable nephrite (hetian jade).In addition to deciding the quality of nephrite (hetian jade), the design and production level is also the key.If you don’t know how to collect or buy first, ask someone else who does.Secondly, if you can afford to buy the works of famous artists, the famous artists do not have to be ancient, the modern works appreciate faster.Nephrite (hetian jade) works by modern famous artists will have more appreciation space if they are cleverly conceived, have novel themes and have unique aesthetic perspectives.

The third;Famous jade carving works collection, “jade do not cut can not implement” this saying, everyone knows the famous saying, although jade is very precious, only after can reflect the real value.At present some neopar (hetian jade) collect lover to be collected in choose and buy the quality that pursues raw material blindly, and ignored the actor or heroine of carver and the culture connotation of design type.This is the biggest taboo in jade collection.Collect contemporary nephrite (hetian jade) collect, want to distinguish what is commodity above all, what is work.There are fundamental differences.Commodities are mass consumer goods that can be produced repeatedly. Without artistic soul, commodities can only be the expression of craftsmanship at best.A good soft jade, hetian jade works, it embodies the creators of cultural knowledge, artistic accomplishment, carve capability, make people in the grade, appreciation, enjoy in the play, especially the masterpiece of jade carving masters and award-winning masterpieces, and every thing is god form of both, are treasures, sculpted, has the very high artistic value.As time goes on, they will become more and more precious.Committed himself to one of the most important must master, from the design of the works to carved from the hand of the master, this work is the true value of the good work, because the master a year, a few pieces, he is very scarce, and the design of the master often very unique, not only has a very high level of carving skills, at the same time, the works of the masters often has a profound connotation of culture and art and exquisite carving skills, it is a spiritual vitality, the combination of art and jade peak state, so that by the master from design to carve all by master hands-on work, appreciation potential is infinite.Extensive and profound jade culture, jade collection, especially nephrite (hetian jade) collection trap a lot, buy nephrite (hetian jade) must be careful, see more, learn more, so as not to cause economic losses.

The fourth;In today’s society, collectors pay more attention to the artistry, ideology and culture of jade, and pay more attention to the expression of artists’ creation personality. Jade carving art really moves from the beauty of appearance to the deep beauty.Hetian itself is very beautiful, jade white waxy and warm the incomparable beauty, history has given its mysterious color, a good work first materials should strive to perfect, on the basis of the material in the design should reflect the beauty of this piece of jade, put more thoughts, the jade culture and the aesthetic feeling of ultra-high, visually more impact, what is beauty?True beauty is only what penetrates the heart and lungs and touches the human soul.A true jade carving master must be able to carve the soul of jade with a carving knife, that is the true art level of the jade carving master.

9,Why nephrite (hetian jade) is classified into seven and eight categories?

Traditional nephrite (hetian jade) classification is generally divided into two series of seven varieties by color, namely, two series of blue and white jade and colored jade.There are two kinds of white jade and blue jade in the blue and white jade series. The colored jade series is divided into five varieties, namely, carbuncle, topaz, jasper, moyu and blue and white jade.

In 2003, the national nephrite (hetian jade) standard (commonly known as the national standard) was issued, which is divided according to the color and texture of nephrite (hetian jade), specifically for the sheep fat white jade, white jade, blue white jade, blue jade, topaz, jasper, mo yu and sugar jade eight varieties.According to the traditional point of view and industry practice, nephrite (hetian jade) classification is based on color characteristics and named, this classification does not represent the quality of nephrite (hetian jade) difference and grade.

Compared with the above two classification methods, there is no difference in the concept of jasper, but there are many differences in the connotation of other jade species, and some concepts will be confused.

One difference: white sheep fat and blue white jade.National standard nephrite (hetian jade) classification in the blue white jade series has four kinds, respectively for the sheep fat white jade, white jade, green white jade, blue jade.Among them, white jade of suet fat points to high grade white jade especially, should be a kind of white jade.Accordingly, white jade of sheep fat is white jade actually big inside small kind, should not stand alone at other 7 kinds.Green white jade is actually also can divide can not divide, according to the traditional standard green white jade is not divided relatively simple, as long as there is a clear line between the green and white line.Even divided meaning is not much, but the classification complex.

Difference two: rare colored jade and concept confusion.Colored jade series, there is no carbuncle in the national standard, because carbuncle few to almost no, can be ignored.In the traditional standard, topaz refers to hetian topaz seed material or gobi material only.National standards of topaz, because of the national standards of neopar jade (hetian jade) the scope of the expansion, xinjiang yecheng, and end, if qiang county and qinghai and other places produced yellow mouth material, xiuyan river grinding topaz, known as topaz.However, the quality of the vast majority of yellow mouth materials can not be comparable with hetian huang yu, which is the difference to be identified when you choose.For example high quality xinjiang huang kou material bracelet price should be in 50-60 thousand, but some shops to price 50-60 million, because from the national standard to identify can be marked into hetian topazol.Hetian topaz is a precious jade species, the real hetian topaz bracelet value must be higher.

Three differences: moyu and blue and white jade discrimination.National nephrite (hetian jade) to account for more than 30%, the color is gray black – black called moyu.A certain amount of graphite inclusions is the cause of color.Black was more than dye – like, leaf – like, banded aggregation, can be mixed with white or gray, more uneven.And the traditional nephrite (hetian jade) to black and white or pure black jade called moyu;Black and white, black and white transition called blue and white jade (referred to as blue and white).Blue and white is the first white jade because there is a black “flower” and named blue and white jade.From the point of view of definition these two kinds of classification method difference is bigger, traditional standard has certain reason, national standard simplifies this.If some textbook says on introduction “and field mo yu cent is whole ink, gather ink and line ink 3 kinds” when, we should clear this suits national standard to classify.

Fourth difference: the concept of sugar jade.National standards of sugar jade as a large category, which is a big difference.National standards of the sugar part of the sample accounted for more than 85%, named sugar jade.What is sugar jade?National standard says “secondary action is formed, be stained by iron oxide, manganese oxide reddish-brown, yellow-brown, brown, black brown and other colors” for sugar jade.The traditional standard does not have the sugar jade category, because in each kind of jade may take the sugar color, the sugar color is regarded as ooze color one kind, but each kind of jade ooze color is many, also cannot distinguish the name one by one.Another reason is that there are not many sugar-colored nephrite (hetian jade) in the traditional standard, while sugar-colored jade is very common in the national standard, such as paoji, ruoqiang and Russian.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the concept confusion and differences brought by different standard classification, and truly grasp the connotation and value of nephrite (hetian jade) variety.

10,Nephrite (hetian jade) seed material characteristics

The most important signs of seed material are its sweat pores, skin color and cracks.Sweat pores are a byword here.Have without sweat pore, it is the true move that identifies true false seed to makings.True seed material, no matter how delicate, its surface, there will be countless fine dense holes, very much like the human skin on the hair hole.The surface phenomenon formed in the natural state is by no means artificial, and can be clearly seen under a ten-fold magnifying glass.It is very effective to use the pores of sweat to identify the true and false seeds.Because there are rolling material above the grinding mark, a scratches, and no natural state of “sweat pores.”

True seed material in river water after thousands of years of erosion and grinding, natural by ooze, it will be in the texture of soft and loose local qinli color, crack in the place of deep texture.This kind of skin color is very natural and is called living skin.Scarlett is one of the important identities of seed jade, hetian seed jade with skin since ancient times as expensive, with small gold seeds, skins, seeds, jujube red one seed, deerskin seed, and pear seeds, is very difficult, but the natural formation rate is only about one over ten less than, though closely pure good seed jade jade do not form, though a lot of seed jade no skin, even if there were, also stars, or in a tiny crack son, known as “white seeds.The color of dermis immerses jade to have administrative levels feeling inside, transition is natural, the feeling of skin and flesh is consistent.The color on the skin should be from deep to light, and the color on the crack should be from light to deep.Hetian seed material skin color of various forms, some into cloud shape, some for the vein shape, some into scattered point shape, the formation of skin color is secondary, since ancient times, the same quality of seed material, have skin color than do not take skin color of the seed jade more expensive.The natural and brilliant color of the skin is the hallmark of nephrite (hetian jade) and is characteristic of the real thing.But false ooze seed material with skin in recent years very much ooze color attached to the surface, the appearance of no oil, no head, more dry, need to pay attention to distinguish.

Seed material in the course of millions of years of erosion collision, 99% with different weight of crack or a few impurities (jade line called crack or tufts).Generally large cracks or more obvious impurities in the work to be modified, and the existence of small cracks, on the premise of not affecting the beauty and firmness of jade, all belong to the normal range.To borrow the words of a jade friend: “hetian seed jade comes from nature, and the defects of natural jade are inevitable. Those who love jade should accept its defects with a broad mind.”Seed material in the course of millions of years of erosion collision, 99% with different weight of crack or a few impurities (jade line called crack or tufts).Generally large cracks or more obvious impurities in the work to be modified, and the existence of small cracks, on the premise of not affecting the beauty and firmness of jade, all belong to the normal range.To borrow the words of a jade friend: “hetian seed jade comes from nature, and the defects of natural jade are inevitable. Those who love jade should accept its defects with a broad mind.”

Picture 1, two white jade bracelets

11,Identification of a pseudo-black skin in nephrite (hetian jade)

Nephrite, or tremolite, is popular for its softness, toughness and purity.Thousands of years of jade culture and history have gradually improved the evaluation system of nephrite.Simply speaking of material, white with small leather material with high value, and produced in xinjiang hotan region of sheep fat white jade material is the most precious.However, in recent years, due to the intensification of mechanized mining, the small material resources in the yushi river basin of xinjiang are gradually reduced and tend to be exhausted.Especially sheep fat jade, a lot of older generation experts think, xinjiang has been less than mining sheep fat jade since a hundred years ago.

Since 2003, the relevant provisions of the state allows all, which is mainly composed of tremolite jade can be called “soft jade, hetian jade”, then to Russia, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand, qinghai province, liaoning province, jiangsu province, guizhou, guangxi, Taiwan, and recently found that deposit in sichuan province, the produce of tremolite are in the market as a “soft jade, hetian jade”.Especially Russia, qinghai, South Korea white jade, took up more than half of the white jade market.Although xinjiang white jade, which has dominated the market for thousands of years, is extremely favored in the market today, its monopoly position is not guaranteed due to production problems.Changes in the market have led to changes in the evaluation system. In recent years, xinjiang autonomous region has issued formal regulations to classify the color of broad nephrite (hetian jade), and yangfat jade has been put back on the market.But right now the sheep fat jade does not represent “jade goes out with field”, also broke even “jade goes out kunlun” bound.

According to the market is defined by the relevant departments of xinjiang as “yangzhi jade” products, yangzhi jade is the main embodiment of the white jade, with some oily, texture requirements.Accordingly, no matter broad jade lover appoints, but what must admit is, a few produce from Russia, qinghai white jade, according to concerned regulation at present can be classified as white jade of sheep fat, especially Russian white jade, “jade of sheep fat” proportion is very high.Of course, in terms of the quality of jade, the current “yangzhi jade” is still the best in the broad nephrite (hetian jade), including nephrite from xinjiang.It is generally believed that Russian nephrite and qinghai nephrite have no small material, that is, Russian nephrite and qinghai nephrite have no material transported by water, but this does not mean that Russian nephrite and qinghai nephrite have no skin.All exposed rocks will be subjected to weathering effects brought by natural conditions such as temperature difference fusion, sunlight exposure and precipitation leaching in geological ages. The common joints and other structural cracks in rocks will lead to the infiltration of some foreign materials, especially iron and manganese oxides. White jade is also inevitable.Weathering in dry environment often leads to loose surface structure of white jade, forming a slurry, while water-rock reaction often leads to deposition of dark minerals such as iron and manganese in the surface and cracks of white jade.Accordingly qinghai, Russia white jade in, occasionally see white or black leather makings.Black leather is considered to be one of the characteristics that distinguish qinghai and Russian materials from hetian materials, although there are some darker skins in xinjiang.Recently, the author met a pair of “black skin” white jade bracelets that can reach the level of “yangzhi jade”. Unfortunately, after testing, “black skin” is made by hand filling.

As shown in figure 1, in the background of high-quality copy paper, two bracelets white parts almost without blue, yellow tone, texture is uniform and delicate.The black skin is similar to the black skin of qinghai and Russian nephrite: the black is distributed along the deep fissure with some brown and yellow edges.The black part of one of the bracelets is perforated, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2. “black skin” can also be seen in the inner ring of one of the bracelets.

Generally speaking, the majority of nephrite black skin due to the distribution in the cracks and often in the raw material surface depression gully shape, of course, some after cutting the black skin can also be more flat.After polishing and grinding, due to structural reasons, the surface of neolites often shows the characteristic orange peel, which can be recognized by the naked eye in the strongly reflected spot.No matter be the skin of small makings or the skin of qinghai, Russia makings, this kind of orange skin grain is also more common.But the black surface of these two bracelets has a smooth curved surface along the bracelet’s curve — something to be suspected of.

In addition, the luster of most neopite skin is slightly weaker than that of the flesh, especially the neopite that casts highlights, the contrast between the skin and flesh luster is more intense, but most parts of the skin can still be identified as more concentrated spots when the strong light reflects illumination.The black parts of the bracelets, on the other hand, look a bit like old tires — worn and blurry, too.

By zooming in on the black part, it can be very accurately identified that the black part is fake skin.As shown in FIG. 3, black and yellow parts are scattered with a large number of circular bubbles, and the surface parts appear circular pits due to bubble wear.

FIG. 3. A large number of bubbles and circular pits left by the abrasion of bubbles can be seen in the black part

Infrared spectra of the white and black parts of the bracelet were compared, as shown in FIG. 4. The white part shows the standard tremolite spectrum, while the black part shows multiple absorption peaks between 1800 and 1200cm-1, showing organic characteristics.Combined with the phenomenon of a large number of bubbles in the black part, it can be inferred that the black and yellow parts are formed by hot-melt filling of organic compounds.

Figure 4. Comparison of infrared absorption spectra of the white part (blue line) and the black part (red line) of the bracelet

For many collectors, the possession of a fine piece of jade with leather, especially tallow white jade, is a treat.So for a piece of white jade handicrafts, in addition to focus on the quality of the jade of true and false, advantages and disadvantages, the cause of the leather case also need to pay attention to, now you know is better polishing “material” and fake leather dyeing, and introduced in this paper with large organic glue as black phenomenon has not been reported, so hope this article will introduce seed makings nephrite lovers attention and vigilance.



Hetian seed jade black pine crane pendant

Hetian seed jade gold and silver cicada pendant


12,The essence of Chinese jade culture: nephrite (hetian jade)

Rarely can there be a material like neoprene (hetian jade), born with deep connotation and cultural charm.His skin texture is gentle and delicate if coagulating fat, color and gentle and dignified.After exquisite carving dexterity does not lose atmosphere, even if the original stone does not modify at all still can send out charming expensive gas, still can let collectors fondle fondly.The Chinese people prefer implicit, inner beauty, and it is this kind of spiritual stone with zen flavor can best meet the Chinese aesthetic, so throughout the Chinese history of thousands of years, nephrite (hetian jade) has always been the essence of traditional Chinese jade culture.Throughout China for thousands of years, how many romantic figures are also crazy.There is a poem to prove: “snow and ice for the body, fire for the soul, suddenly out of kungang.Recall three emperor zen position, by the xuanbi;A hundred dynasties, more to the green yellow.Will phase wang hou, yu qiao plow reading, die all born pettigrew.The sand blows away the ancient seal on the dungeons and looks at it repeatedly.Faint I also heart taste, dingde with just high fang not.Build a thousand cuts before a great tool;Carefully carved, to avoid the flaw.Ruming, huang zhong destroyed, there is only gao xian national war.With who ask, how much wan wan is this in pei li?”

Hetian seed jade with type maitre pendant

Up to now, culture and collect lovers to nephrite (hetian jade) love does not decrease from beginning to end, all because nephrite (hetian jade) have the beauty of inside collect of that simple, dignified, lukewarm run, implicative that other treasure jade stone place does not have, just like modest gentleman.Nephrite (hetian jade) unique charm in detail lies in its quality “meticulous and chestnut”, that is, very delicate and moist, excellent toughness, easy to sculpture and not easy to break.Its light “wen run and ze”, namely burnish moistens downy, compare inside collect and lasting appeal is long.Nephrite (hetian jade) color is not beautiful jade, no gem bright, but white, red, yellow, bi, sugar, green, ink has its own characteristics.White such as coagulate fat, jianjie delicate white sheep fat for the best, on the red should be red as chicken crest, yellow as steamed chestnut for the best, another bi cui yu.These varieties are especially valuable.Another color such as caramel sugar jade, black as pure lacquer mo yu, if green if white green jade and so on, if the use of these colors when carving will have unexpected artistic effects.Nephrite (hetian jade) another distinctive feature is a secondary mine, commonly known as pu jade, jade seed.In addition to quality and color, the skin of seedjade is often an important factor in determining its value.The cent that skin color skin and stone skin, stone skin is to contain pore colorless original skin.The color skin has the jujube red skin, the black skin, sprinkling gold skin and so on.A piece of color is quality jade if there is a clean gorgeous skin natural value multiplier.If have the skin of a few kinds of color to go up in a piece of jade, or the leather color that USES in carving process is just right also can give a jade article grace many.

Moreover, nephrite (hetian jade) has always been difficult to compare with other jade products in terms of the complexity of production process and modeling style.From this in nephrite (hetian jade) flourishing at the same time also produced a batch of arts and crafts masters.A good design, a good carver can give a good jade touching art life, a good craft can make the slightly defective jade rich connotation.So collect a good jade at the same time we have to consider his process, if the process is not good enough would rather collect a piece of original stone, the original seed raw stone play is also very charming.

In the past ten years, due to the exhaustion of nephrite (hetian jade) resources and the increase of people’s understanding of nephrite (hetian jade), the value of nephrite (hetian jade) has risen rapidly, and the quality of nephrite (hetian jade) is hard to find.As a result of nephrite (hetian jade) the scarcity of products and not repeatability, high quality beautiful and distinctive nephrite (hetian jade) artwork still can not be missed.Today, nephrite collection (hetian jade) has become a fashion, a phenomenon.People with a little culture and status get together no longer to compare famous cars and watches, but to evaluate each other’s neopite (hetian jade) products, which reflects that people not only meet the pursuit of wealth, but also aspire to the sublimation of culture, self-cultivation and taste at a higher level.When relatives and friends enjoy tea and wine, and talk about leisure, love the joy of jade, how happy it is!

13,Deep analysis of nephrite (hetian jade) collection investment eight errors

Beautiful jade comes from ancient times, beautiful jade specially refers to nephrite (hetian jade), thousands of years ago, people took jade as ware, jade as decoration, jade as ceremony, jade as virtue, love jade, love jade, even at life.Since ancient times, it has been said that jade can show spirits, bless peace, is a person’s amulet, is the embodiment of wealth, status, value.Therefore, since ancient times, from the palace to the folk, love jade, appreciate jade, play jade, hide jade ethos has been undeclining, but also drove neolithic (hetian jade) collection investment fever.

The non-renewable nature of nephrite (hetian jade) resources determines its “scarcity is expensive”, and the continuous price rise should be the trend.In particular, after the government issued a ban on mining in October 2007, the reduction of raw materials increased the precious value of hetian white jade.Because the society collects the white jade custom day to flourish and the domestic folk investment channel narrow, causes thousands of troops to rush to the antique jade investment channel.According to incomplete surveys in the industry, about 1/3 of the residents wearing, collecting and investing jade wares in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are far more than the proportion of stock, securities and other art collections.As a result of collect hold the return of investment to be discovered by folk gradually, of white jade price rise space still can be very big.

Although nephrite (hetian jade) appreciation potential is huge, but nephrite (hetian jade) collection and investment field, there are still many misunderstandings.Ruan wenfeng, a famous jade collector and connoisseur in central China, holds the following view: “of neoprene (hetian jade) players, 10 out of 10 have suffered losses.”Tianke hall nephrite (hetian jade) as nephrite (hetian jade) the upstream of the industrial chain of original stone suppliers, and if qiang has nephrite (hetian jade) mining source, engaged in nephrite (hetian jade) mountain material mining, sales for ten years.Also witnessed the recent 10 years neolithic (hetian jade) collection investment market from the downturn to the hot process.In the upper stream of nephrite (hetian jade) raw stone supply circle, tianketang nephrite (hetian jade) Mr. Guo is known for his unique views and dare to speak the truth.He pointed out that for ordinary nephrite (hetian jade) lovers and investors, the collection of investment nephrite (hetian jade) to be very cautious.He thinks, at present nephrite (hetian jade) investment is collected bound to exist some misunderstanding and misunderstanding need to be clarified.

Here are eight major mistakes in nephrite (hetian jade) collection and investment today:

1, only heavy origin, do not distinguish jade material

A lot of people think arrived nephrite (hetian jade) place of origin can buy authentic nephrite certainly (hetian jade), in fact not so.Because the price difference is apparent, in the producing area of a few authentic jade makings, illegal businessman often sells the jade article that structure is very close, similar local jade makings makes to seek huge profits.And people often believe that the jade articles and materials purchased from xinjiang must be local jade.If be in xinjiang, people often buys nephrite (hetian jade) next of kin — — the handicraft of white jade of Russian bai yu, qinghai jade, shout greatly afterwards be duped, the reason is to buy a house with real xinjiang native nephrite (hetian jade) the price clinchs a deal.Because they are similar to nephrite (hetian jade) in structure and composition, it is difficult to distinguish them in appearance.Many even bought white dongling jade.To qinghai, it is white watwa stone rather than qinghai straw.That is to say, to the origin of the purchase is not necessarily produced from the local nephrite (hetian jade), there are many “close relatives”.This needs the customer to lay a solid foundation, the careful choice.

2, only heavy seed material is not heavy mountain material

Seed material is also known as seed jade or uncut jade.In the broadest sense, it refers to a kind of egg-like secondary nephrite (hetian jade) seed material formed by weathering and peeling off the mountain material and running water material from kunlun mountain primary ore and erosion of snow and ice mountain torrents of billions of years.Hill makings is produced in the kunlun mountains of the original mineral material, seed makings is evolved from the mountain, a image of the metaphor, “hill makings is mother of the seed”, mountain and seed material from the appearance of the difference is obvious, the former is smooth, the latter angular, mountain into seed material is due to natural factors such as earthquake, changes in the earth’s crust change, soft jade, hetian jade) the original mineral material (material), tumbled down from the mountain is washed by water and carry hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the soft edges and corners have been polished.

Strictly speaking, seed material is better than mountain material. Due to being washed and carried by water for hundreds of thousands of kilometers, loose edges and corners with poor density have been erased, leaving behind the essence. River water is a tool for carrying and polishing.

In nearly a decade, soft jade, hetian jade) seed makings has always been very popular, part of hot money are flocking to the soft jade, hetian jade) investment collection market, lead to soft jade, hetian jade) prices, of course, this is just a soft jade, hetian jade) prices higher one of the reasons, and seed makings is less, and private mining mining in recent years, the government from the perspective of protecting the environment, expressly forbidden behavior such as overexploitation, and factors such as the increased cost of production and so on.Nephrite (hetian jade) price of a road roller coaster surge, directly encourage illegal businesses to directly buy mountain materials with modern means of processing seed materials, and in late specially someone bought block shape good white jade mountain materials, directly transported to hetian, hami, kashgar and other places, for processing seed materials.Some inland go to the businessman of xinjiang, know clearly is the seed makings of artificial processing, but in the drive of interest still hesitate heavy gold buys, because such original stone is transported to Beijing, Shanghai, suzhou, guangzhou wait for a place, value wants to turn a few times even ten times.This is good, at least the nephrite produced in xinjiang (hetian jade), although it is mountain material, if you buy other stones like jade processed into seed material, it is more than worth the loss.

High quality nephrite (hetian jade) mountain material

Seed material is expensive, lack of resources and difficult to distinguish between true and false, often tens of thousands, tens of millions, little inattention will be when, another ordinary collectors away.Some early investors began to focus on the high quality neolithic (hetian jade) mountain materials, high quality neolithic (hetian jade) mountain materials carved out of the finished product can be comparable to seed materials, whether oil, density or hardness, and seed materials compared to the same, and the price is much cheaper than seed materials.Day cosette hall soft jade, hetian jade) perennial spot supply soft jade, hetian jade mountain is the original stone, has become the nation’s largest soft jade, hetian jade mountain, one of the original stone material supplier for dealing with jade plant, jade workshop of guo said: “instead of collection quality general seed makings, collect a few more high quality soft jade, hetian jade mountain material”.

Both nephrite (hetian jade) and seed materials are gifts from nature and should be cherished.

3, only attracted to the gas, do not know the process

People generally believe that when they go to a famous jade field, they can buy the jade wares made here.Take suzhou as an example. Su gong is famous all over the world, especially for small jade ornaments.However, due to the developed jade processing industry and frequent technical exchanges in suzhou, the local jade products sold in suzhou are mixed.Take artisans as an example. There are not only the traditional school born and raised in the jade factory, but also the skilled hands who once worked in Beijing, Shanghai and other professional units. There are more artisans from xinjiang, henan and anhui who brought their own workers to suzhou.Because of different masters and different techniques, their products are purchased and sold by shops in guanqian street or wenmiao temple.Take xinjiang for example, there are quite a few finished products are carved in nanyang.Be interested in collecting, should be familiar with the characteristics of local technology, can be handy.

4, on the rules of neat, do not know the mechanism of manual

With the wide application of computer engraving, mechanical sandblasting, ultrasonic pressure, edm technology, stable process, batch production, short time, drum polishing and sealing wax after the end of a large number of jades to the market.Due to its low cost, jades are especially suitable for commemorative and celebratory purposes and are favored by most organizations of commemorative, celebratory, award and welfare activities.If jade lovers only choose one or two pieces to wear or enjoy, they can do without.But collectors should be wary of mechanically made jades for profit.Because cookie-cutter, already not be traditional craft, the space of appreciation is not big certainly.In addition, collectors need to pay attention to a piece of jade after using modern technology to shape and then apply manual, slightly modified, leaving some traces of carving to confuse people’s eyes, especially some famous master works more attention.Otherwise, even experts can slip up.

5, only heavy leather, not heavy jade

Jade has a long history of making fake skins.But the false skin that resembles emerald as a result of age is long, transmission is wide, already very hard muddle have experience person.It is worth noting that nephrite class of false skin has a growing trend.The false skin that modern craft does, not be to pursue of course “gu feng gu yun”, pretend to be seed makings however earn huge price difference.At present, many places in the country’s antique, jade market to see the false red skin shallow carving.Some collectors do not pay attention to this, only heavy skin color is not heavy flesh quality, often buy some false skin seed material but mix unconsciouretly, cost money, be deceived.

6, only buy hetian white jade, do not buy other white jade

At present, nephrite (hetian jade) collection is getting more and more hot, the center focuses on hetian white jade.Even some players are obsessed with non – and – field seed material not to see the degree.The result of “a river running to the three gorges” has been extreme.On the one hand, it accelerated the demand for hetian white jade, promote hetian white jade more valuable;On the other hand, artificially raising the value of hetian white jade, making it reach an astonishing high price, inducing counterfeiters to pass off the fake as the real, shoddy, fraudulent phenomenon is more frequent.After many people are duped, also dare not look to qinghai white jade, Russian white jade again, dislike to white jade also rise even.

Qinghai materials, Russian materials, Korean materials are nephrite (hetian jade) category, not hetian white jade does not hide the misunderstanding is caused by the overall understanding of white jade.But really understand jade, love jade, cherish jade collectors and jade friends or more love China native xinjiang produced nephrite (hetian jade), they think xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) yue pan run, this statement is right.But the real nephrite (hetian jade) produced in xinjiang is restricted by resources and mining conditions.If you see good Russian material, Korean material can also be collected.In fact, Russian white jade, qinghai white jade, Korean white jade and hetian white jade belong to nephrite, and the mineral composition and chemical composition are basically the same.

7, only the ancient not today

At present, nephrite (hetian jade) collection and investment market, there is a trend to attach great importance to ancient jade, especially qing dynasty jade, and even think that the value of ancient jade is much higher than today’s jade.

In this regard, tianke hall neolithic jade (hetian jade) Mr. Guo said, the previous generation of jade, because it has its historical value, cultural value, research value, so for hundreds of years has been the object of people’s pursuit, is also the jade collection species of the jiaojiao is understandable.

However, he believes that the value of jade is largely measured by heavy materials and heavy industry, and the length of history is indeed a factor in the value of collection, but it is in a secondary position compared with materials and workers.

Because a piece of excellent raw material is hard to find, and a master sculptor is thousands of miles to choose only to produce, the combination of the two created perfect, also produced value.Jade is different from some works of art, the value of raw materials accounted for a large number of factors, some works of art raw materials value low added value of art, for jade is never considered ancient valuable, good materials, good work, representative, historical value, research value of ancient jade is really valuable, on the contrary, really not valuable.

In the qing dynasty, he says, the soft jade, hetian jade carvings regardless of the size of eighty percent is the green jade, and many carvings for precious little material can’t choose, so with crack lock, blemishes, carvers influenced aesthetically pleasing, and because the technology is not developed, mining conditions hardships, transportation difficulties, and so on reasons, in the annual tribute in the qing dynasty jade expected few hotan jade suet, mostly green jade.

Look from carving technology, the current from the design concept, processing equipment, carve art far more than our predecessors, and at present the country to collect treasure jade both from the aspects of raw material use, art design, carving process, which one is unable to achieve, former is “tiangong cup” prize every year work and everything than his predecessors, both are fine, treasures, and contemporary soft jade, hetian jade boutique whether artistic quality, manufacturability, and possess the quality of materials collection, appreciation, and store of value function, also represents the fourth highest level during the height of the development of Chinese jade.

8, only love and tian white jade, disdain with his jade (sugar white jade, green white jade, jade)

With good seeds, good work, can play in the market, including the “open the door” of the hotan white jade is becoming less and less, some collectors lost in confusion.They blindly advocate and field white jade, and the same generation of white jade green white jade, jade and jasper are dismissive, that class is not high.The idea is simple.

The key to the quality of hetian nephrite lies in its “run”, “waxy” and “oil”.Hetian white jade and sugar white jade, blue white jade, blue jade, jasper out of the same door, the main mineral components are not big difference, color is only part of it.The color is like clear sky, the color is like green water, the color is like brown sugar, the texture is warm and moist, the craft is excellent the sugar white jade, the blue white jade, the blue jade, the jasper is equally lovable.In hetian white jade resource shortage, raw material shortage today, good sugar white jade, blue white jade, blue jade, jasper mountain material also has collection value.Besides, these jade materials are also facing the situation of resource exhaustion, and the space of resource appreciation is no less than hetian white jade.

In fact, in the Palace Museum collection of qianlong play chant jade, blue and white jade, blue jade accounted for a large part, there are furnishings, ritual ware, wenwan and so on, and even most of the jade seal is made of blue jade.The value of these jade articles is inestimable.

Therefore, as a mature investor in jade collection, the appreciation of jade should be considered from many aspects and multiple perspectives, comprehensive evaluation.Jade material is precious, blue jade, jasper, green white jade is also worth enjoying.

Anyhow nephrite (hetian jade) collect investment is a knowledge, it is to need “jade friend” people get from long-term practical experience, see more, learn more, ask more, nature collects nephrite (hetian jade) will be easy much, also can pay tuition fee less.

14,Nephrite (hetian jade) industry will be more tolerant

Nephrite (hetian jade) has always been a popular material in the market, but due to the economic environment, the overall collection market sentiment is depressed, so nephrite (hetian jade) market trading situation is also relatively depressed.From xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) market information alliance recently released by the market by the end of July 2013, the medium, the soft jade, hetian jade (jade) son of material prices again in about 20% down, high-end, top and super soft jade, hetian jade (jade) is expected to price the amplitude, but nearly a month volume appeared rising trend.The reason is that after more than a year of wait and see, some collectors believe that nephrite (hetian jade)(white jade) material price has the demand for investment value, and the price is a little loose, so began to slowly into investment;And low – end nephrite (hetian jade) market trade is still decreasing.

This situation just shows that the investment market from impulse to rational, from quantity investment to quality investment, that investors and consumers are more rational, to standardize nephrite (hetian jade) market also has a positive role.Combined with xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade) market information alliance soft jade, hetian jade (jade) issued by the material classification and grading standard and quarterly published a soft jade, hetian jade (jade) son material market has on the national market has a certain guiding significance, further promoted the benign soft jade, hetian jade market healthy and orderly development.For the vast number of investment collectors and consumers have a standard and market reference value range, the heart has the bottom, also have investment and collection of reference basis.

In order to better popularize nephrite (hetian jade) investment and collection knowledge, xinjiang nephrite (hetian jade)(white jade) sub-material grading standard and legend, has completed the first draft, is widely listening to the opinions of experts and scholars.

In recent years, nephrite (hetian jade) industry inclusive strong, qinghai materials, Russia materials, South Korea materials, Canada materials are a large number of materials into China, white jade with jade, jasper and moyu also broke the previous low-priced situation, since 2010 all the way up, has been more and more by the vast number of investment collectors and consumers love.It can be expected that the prices of these typical and characteristic nephrite (hetian jade) varieties will continue to rise in the future, as will the prices of middle and high-end nephrite (hetian jade)(white jade).

Nephrite with more than 90% tremolite content will be phased out of the regional concept, and the national name nephrite (hetian jade).Nephrite from different producing areas (hetian jade) as long as the quality is the same, the raw material output form is the same, will be listed in the same grade, the same investment and collection value, and from the perspective of geology, can not only use the region to name a kind of jewelry jade, this point nephrite (hetian jade) industry is gradually changing this concept.The forthcoming “legend” will give a detailed introduction of nephrite (hetian jade) materials of different origins from different characteristics, and evaluate the value of jade based on the value reference quotation issued in each season. It is believed that it will promote the nephrite (hetian jade) market in the future.

Usually people say “white jade” refers to the Chinese famous jade “nephrite (hetian jade)”, among which the most valuable is “sheep fat white jade”, which is fine, warm, white as mutton fat, occupies an indispensable position in China’s nearly ten thousand years of jade culture.Speaking of nephrite (hetian jade), “priceless” such a key word in my mind, it is true, nephrite (hetian jade) consumption are in the ten thousand yuan level;At present, the high-quality seed material resources have almost exhausted, the existing seed material in the hands of speculators circulation, the price has risen.The personage inside course of study thinks, because hype neolithic jade (hetian jade) the price has certain bubble, but its long history culture precipitation assures collect value not to decrease.

Nephrite (hetian jade) cost ten thousand yuan

Hu shuji: China is the only country in the world history that integrates jade and human character. Chinese people love jade, which is related to advocating moderate and introvert character. Jade also represents the personality characteristics that Chinese people admire.China’s nearly ten thousand years of jade culture mainly nephrite (hetian jade) as the carrier, it is the Chinese nation’s cultural treasure house of precious heritage and artistic treasures, with extremely deep cultural deposits.Nephrite (hetian jade) belongs to nephrite. Compared with ordinary jade, nephrite has the biggest advantage of being delicate, dense and oily. It is not easy to be broken after falling, and it emits grease and luster.

The higher the grade nephrite (hetian jade), the whiter the color, the finer the texture, and the stronger the grease luster.In fact, in addition to white jade, there are sugar jade, jasper, topaz, etc., especially topaz is quite rare and beautiful, its value is no less than white jade.On the market, high-grade nephrite (hetian jade) can reach 1 gram the high price of ten thousand yuan;Ordinary pendant prices are also in the thousands of yuan to ten thousand yuan, almost no several hundred yuan a nephrite (hetian jade).Basically, nephrite (hetian jade) consumption is in ten thousand yuan level.

The price of seed has increased by 50% annually

Distinguish between huxuenian: according to the source, soft jade, hetian jade) rough stone into the seed material, hill, mountain water and gobi, seed makings is the most valuable, it was found in stream beds, and by the river on both sides of the mountain mountain original material falls into the river, after billions of years the water flushing, where the original stone loose away by running water, leaving only the hardest part, which is the best and strongest, the most warm essence oily luster.As a result, most seeds are oval in shape with rounded edges.On the other hand, the stones on the mountain are very angular.As the high-quality goods that passes through nature elaborate burr, the price of seed makings has certain rise every year, price rise can amount to 50% on average.Market circulation of large mountain material prices are relatively low, small increase.At present, the seed material resources are almost exhausted, now the river bed can hardly dig out new seed material, can only be sold in the hands of the seed material owners, things to rare for expensive, nephrite (hetian jade) price is hyped up, so Fried under some price bubbles do exist, but good nephrite (hetian jade) seed material is still worth collecting.

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