Suzhou embroidery, an omnipotent Chinese skill

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1,Four famous embroidery

Among traditional han embroidery crafts, “xiang embroidery” from central China’s hunan province, “shu embroidery” from western China’s sichuan province, “yue embroidery” from southern China’s guangdong province and “suzhou embroidery” from eastern China’s jiangsu province are often referred to as China’s “four famous embroideries”.

2,Suzhou embroidery

it has a long history and is famous all over the world.Suzhou embroidery practical sketch, many flowers, insects and butterflies, bats as the theme.Rich needling, especially trocar needle as the main needling.Embroider line is covered do not show needle mark, often use 3, 4 kinds of same color photograph but the effect that different depth embroider line covers embroider to give colour to dizzy catch.Match colors change naturally, comely and elegant.The decorative pattern edge has the waterway, the stitching is neat, the shave thick dense protuberance, the grain is clear, has the thin relief feeling.Rich decorative patterns of interest, composition rigorous fullness.

1.Suzhou embroidery clothing

Sweet color satin embroidered YunJinLong grain Qia robe, qing qianlong, suzhou needlework, 144.5 cm in length and two cuff links, 183 cm long.Qing palace

Qia robe decorative use, oblique wrap gold-worked, sets of needle, nail wire, seeds, feather, pine needles, needle, needle, needle, needle and so on many kinds of stitch needlework, and adopts two dizzy dizzy, three and four demitint techniques, demitint freely, make the robe of colour and lustre is gorgeous.The design of the robe is ingenious, the theme is distinct, the setting is orderly, the embroiderers are exquisite, the stitches are even, it is the best embroidery in suzhou during the qianlong period.

Bright yellow satin embroidered eight double phoenix holding gold Chinese character tattoo Qia robe, qing qianlong, suzhou embroidery, sewing, when light 145 cm in length and two cuff links, 177 cm long.Qing palace.

From the characteristics of embroidery and coloring, the material of the robe should be the tribute of suzhou during the qianlong period of the qing dynasty.Its embroider work is fine, needlework is even, grain pattern composition is proper, rich and strong adornment interest, it is the fine work of suzhou embroidery of qing dynasty qianlong period.

Light green satin embroidered antique flower grain Qia robe, qing qianlong, suzhou needlework, robe, 147 cm in length and two cuff links, 173 cm long.Qing palace.

Qia robe decorative use colored yarn needlework, using a set of needle, osmanthus, oblique wrap needle, needle, acupuncture needles, needle, seeds needle, needle, ring gold embroidery and so on the many kinds of stitch.Color rich, and the use of three and four color method, distinct layers.This exquisite embroidery workers Qia robe, stitching YunJi, color quietly elegant, distinct themes, foil and orderly, the masterpiece of the qianlong period of suzhou embroidery.


Blue satin embroidered plain gold yunlong robe, embroidered in suzhou, 142cm in length and 192cm in length.

This robe should be worn by the qianlong emperor as he was praying for rain in the southern part of the country. The exquisite embroidery work, with even gold thread, even flat gold, fine stitches, rich color and free of hazel, is a fine piece of court clothing made in suzhou during the qianlong period of the qing dynasty.

Sapphire satin embroidered James t. c. na was published grain Qia dressing gown, the qing emperor guangxu, 134 cm in length and two sleeve length 137 cm, hem 54 cm wide.Qing palace.

This garment is made of suzhou silk.Round collar, right skirt, narrow sleeves, without train.Fabric in the sapphire satin ground using plain needles, winding needles, stitching, such as plain gold embroidery flying crane, auspicious cloud patterns.Garment edge decorated with long round “life” word woven gold satin edge.Decorated copper gilt chisel buckle five.The garment is lined with lake pigment and spun in silk.

2.Suzhou embroidery characters


Ling chino embroidered the sakyamuni Buddha

This painting is a representative work of ling MAO, a famous suzhou embroider in the qing dynasty.

Anan of suzhou embroidery (works of didi embroidery)

Dunhuang Buddha by su xiu zou yingzi

Su xiu li bai poetic picture

Su xiu huaisu writes intention

Su xiu fuqin drawing

Su embroidery portrait of zhang daqian

The queen of England is collected in Buckingham Palace

Mona Lisa

Beautiful women of suzhou embroidery

3.Suzhou embroidery  scenery with flowers and birds

Suzhou embroidery gusu old bridge

The morning of suzhou embroidery

Su xiu spring to taihu lake

Suzhou embroidery splashed with colorful red lotus

The suzhou embroidery “winding” is in the British museum

Su embroidery “lotus charm” in the British museum

A picture of flowers and birds in suzhou embroidery

A picture of flowers and birds in suzhou embroidery

A picture of flowers and birds in suzhou embroidery




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